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Daddy Dave is Married to Wife: Cassi Comstock

Image of Daddy Dave with his wife, Cassi Comstock

David Comstock, professionally known as Daddy Dave, is a renowned car expert, racer, and actor from the USA, and his nickname also recognizes him. He is best known for consistently placing first in the majority of the wild street races held in Oklahoma, in addition to his long-term appearances on the reality television show “Street Outlaws.”

Since the 1990s, he has had a career in auto racing, providing him with opportunities for financial gain. During this period, he has also achieved success in several other areas.

Dave started off racing with a 1996 GMC Sonoma S10 pickup truck; all of the pieces were constructed to his satisfaction, and the entire vehicle was customized for usage by Dave himself. He later made his television screen debut as an actor in the famous TV series “Pinks.”

Read this article about Daddy Dave and his wife, Cassi Comstock, and their marriage. Also, learn more about his kids!

Daddy Dave has been Married to his Wife, Cassi Comstock, since 2013

Image of Daddy Dave with his wife, Cassi Comstock
Daddy Dave with his wife, Cassi Comstock

It took a long time for the renowned car expert Dave to open up about his marriage with his wife, Cassi Comstock. It would appear that they tied the knot in 2013 and have remained together since then.

They are not the source of any dispute or rumors of disintegration. Even after all this time together, it is common knowledge that Daddy Dave and his wife, Cassi Comstock, are head over heels in love with one another.

They cherish the time they spend together, and their love for one another shines through in the messages they leave on one other’s social media profiles. Dave and his wife, Cassie, have been together for such a long time in their married life that they have a kid together, who goes by the name Krisyana and is a first-year student at Yukon High School.

She excels at the game of baseball and has done so ever since she was in middle school. Ever since marrying in 2013, the couple has not had any marital issues and are still strong together despite what they have gone through over the past nine years.

Daddy Dave’s Past Relationships

There is no doubt that our favorite car expert is a known individual, even to those not entirely fans of the car industry. However, despite his fame, nothing is reported about his dating history and any past lovers he may have had before.

This led to people speculating that he did not have romantic relationships with anyone before meeting his fantastic partner.

Cassi Comstock’s Biography

Cassi Comstock rose to prominence after becoming married to the famed racer, Daddy Dave. In addition, she became well known after she wed the American actor.

Many people who enjoy racing and are followers of Dave are interested in learning more about the personal career of Daddy Dave’s wife. However, Cassi has not disclosed her exact age nor discussed the line of work she currently holds.

As a result, we were unable to mention either her private information. After looking at her images, it appears that Daddy Dave’s wife is between 35 and 40 years old.

There is no profile for Daddy Dave’s wife that can be found on Wikipedia at this time. After a profile of Cassi Comstock has been made, the information in this article will, without a doubt, be brought up to date.

Daddy Dave’s kids

Image of Daddy Dave with his wife, Cassi Comstock, and their daughter, Krisyana
Daddy Dave with his wife, Cassi Comstock, and their daughter, Krisyana

Krisyana Comstock is the daughter of the renowned car expert Daddy Dave and his lovely wife, Cassi. Unfortunately, Krisyana’s birthdate and age are unavailable to the public.

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