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Curtis Sliwa is Married to Wife: Nancy Regula. Kids: Anthony Chester

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Image of Curtis Sliwa with his current partner, Nancy Regula

The voice of Curtis Sliwa can be heard on the radio waves for being an activist and a radio host. He has spoken against big corporations and enterprises in the past.

Because of his populist ideology that may not align with many of his listeners, he has received constant backlash and hate. This hate even resulted in almost having his life taken away by two armed men back in the 90s.

He is not backing down from his remarks and belief system, making him a viral target by those individuals he frequently mentions on his show. Fortunately for him, he still has his limbs and body intact despite the criminal activities to silence him.

Aside from being a talk show host, he also ran for the Mayoral Office of New York City back in 2021. But lost to Eric Adams in the general election of the same year.

How is the love life of activist and radio host Curtis Sliwa? Who is Curtis Sliwa’s wife?

We’ll answer questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Curtis Sliwa is Married to his wife Nancy Regula since 2018

Image of Curtis Sliwa with his current partner, Nancy Regula
Curtis Sliwa with his current partner, Nancy Regula

After years of constantly being on and off of various romantic relationships, the talk show host has finally decided to settle down with Nancy Regula, hopefully for the best. They met back in 2015 after Nancy gave him a string of plants and herbal medicine to cure his ailments.

Curtis Sliwa’s wife is also in the same field as he is. She has been believed to be a present animal rights activist for several years now and continues to push her advocate further.

Because of that, Nancy wanted to move in with her fellow activist so that she could help him with his illness. Since then, the chemistry and spark between the two developed, and they are now enjoying the life of being a husband and a wife.

Curtis Sliwa Past/Previous Relationships and Ex-Wife

Curtis is quite the playboy from his prime up until today. He has dated and married four amazing women during his lifetime. Let us look into the details of these lovely ladies.

  1. Koren Drayton

– Curtis Sliwa’s first wife. She is the first person that fell in love and married our dear social commentator.

There is not much information regarding their married life since they have labeled it as a love that was too early. They got wedded in 1976 and immediately decided to separate a year later.

  1. Lisa Evers
Image of Curtis Silwa with his former wife, Lisa Evers
Curtis Silwa with his former wife, Lisa Evers

– When Mr. Sliwa was still rising in the entertainment and news industry, people believed that her relationship with Lisa would last long. Unfortunately, a marriage that spans almost 15 years was cut short because of the massive array of death threats that he and Curtis Sliwa’s Wife have constantly received.

  1. Mary Galda
Image of Curtis Silwa with his former partner, Mary Galda
Curtis Silwa with his former partner, Mary Galda

– After his divorce from Lisa, people assumed that his next relationship would be his longest one. However, Mary and her former husband’s marriage only lasted 12 years.

She is a known executive director and a figure in show business. But, like Curtis’s first two failed marriages, this one was also filled with troubles, specifically lawsuits and court charges.

Nancy Regula’s Biography

Unlike her husband, Nancy is not that open when sharing her personal information with the masses. She has been quiet to reports and interviews, so details about her are pretty scarce.

However, it is believed that she is an intelligent woman, that aside from her activist side, she is also a licensed attorney. Even though the couple shares a huge gap of almost 30-plus years, they said that it does not bother them, and they would continue loving each other despite the looks they would get from people.

Curtis Sliwa’s Kids

In his life, he only bore a known child in the presence of Anthony Chester. Although there is limited information about him, it is known that he still has an active connection with his father throughout the years.

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