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Cristiano Ronaldo is not Married to Wife: Dating girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

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Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

Drafted in 2002, Cristiano ‘CR7’ Ronaldo has been the consensus ‘FOOTBALL GOAT’ over the last decade or two.

Over the span of his historic career, people would always compare him to Lionel Messi, another football great. The two would often be in conversations of children and adults alike on who’s better than who.

While Messi doesn’t look and isn’t built that bad, viewing physique, Ronaldo seems to have the upside with his Greek God-esque face and trunks for legs.

Image of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo
Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

In his 18 years of playing football, Ronaldo has bounced around quite a few teams, notably Manchester United and Real Madrid to his current one, Juventus.

If one were to count the number of the teams he had played for, they wouldn’t need to use two hands. But, if they were to count the number of the women he has dated, you might need an extra hand.

Dating Timeline

As much as he is on the field, seemingly, Ronaldo is also a ‘seasoned veteran’ when it comes to dating. With that said, let us have a quick rundown of Ronaldo’s dating timeline:

Jordana Jordel

Cristiano’s first public relationship traces back to 2003 when he started his career. Ronaldo dated Jordana Jordel, a Brazilian model and the sister of his teammate in Sporting Lisbon. There is not much known about their relationship, but they broke up around 2004-2005.

Merche Romero

After the end of his relationship with Jordana, Ronaldo dated Merche Romero. In 2005, Ronaldo struck up a romance with the TV presenter and model Romero. Around this time, Ronaldo was still playing for Manchester United. The ex-couple broke the news of their split in September of 2006.

Ronaldo Ex-girlfriend Merche Romero
One of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ex-girlfriends, Merche Romero, a Portuguese model

Gemma Atkinson

Inviting repetition, in 2007, Ronaldo dated yet another model; this time a British lingerie model named Gemma Atkinson. Their relationship was short-lived as they broke up four months into their relationship.

Nereida Gallardo

Seemingly, all of Ronaldo’s past girlfriends up to this point had only been models. A year later, after his relationship with Atkinson, Ronaldo dated Spanish model Nereida Gallardo.

However, their relationship suffered the same fate as his former ones. At this point, Ronaldo might as well be an inquisitor about how many different nationalities he had been in a relationship with.

Bipasha Basu

Over the years, Infidelity has seemingly become a common thing for the brightest stars out there; I wouldn’t go into the semantics and break it out to you that Ronaldo has engaged in one in the past, in one way or another.

In 2007, Ronaldo was in the middle of a cheating scandal after photos of him making out with Indian model Bipasha Basu went public.

Basu, when that happened, was in a relationship.

Paris Hilton

Two years later, Ronaldo found himself involved in another dating rumor with star TV personality-slash-artist Paris Hilton.

There has been no confirmation or some sort from either side to this day.

Kim Kardashian

Every big name out there always seems to have their lives filled with rumors, either positively or negatively. Ronaldo’s life was, in fact, no different.

Rumors of Kim Kardashian and Ronaldo’s relationship shook up the media. In 2010, Ronaldo’s biggest saga broke. Kardashian, at that time, was famed due to her leaked sex tape with Ray J and her father, the infamous Bruce Jenner.

Irina Shayk

After countless rumors, In 2010, news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s relationship with Russian model Irina Shayk broke out. Yup, you’ve read it right, another model.

The couple lasted for five years, the longest out of any girlfriend of Ronaldo, rumored or not. Their eventual breakup came to light in January of 2015.

Cristiano Ronaldo Ex-girlfriend, Irina Shayk
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ex-girlfriend, Irina Shayk, a Russian model

Lucia Villalon

After Shayk, Ronaldo found himself in another relationship with TV reporter Lucia Villalon in the latter part of the year. However, they split shortly after.

Seemingly, he was Ronaldo’s rebound girl after his longest relationship.

Georgina Rodriguez

Currently, Ronaldo’s dating Georgina Rodriguez. Guess what? She’s also a model!. The two met in 2017 and began dating shortly after.

Five years into their relationship, there has yet to be news about their break up or falling out. Additionally, Rodriguez is also the one who conceived Ronaldo’s fourth child, and the couple is expecting twins this year!

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