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Cris Collinsworth is Married to Wife: Holly Bankemper. Kids: Jac, Austin, Ashley, Katie

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Image of Cris Collinsworth and Holly Bankemper with their kids

Cris Collinsworth is known to many as the face of sports on NBC, Showtime Network, and the NFL’s very own channel. However, before his sportscasting career, he has also set foot on the grandest stage of American football.

He played as a wide receiver during his time in the NFL and was even considered one of the best athletes in the said position. During his prime, he was a part of the All-America team, a remarkable group composed of the greatest players of that time.

He was awarded various honors because of his outstanding talent and skill in playing American football. These include being an inductee of the Academic All-America Hall of Fame and the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame inductee.

His remarkable talent even precedes him outside of the sport. Because of this, he was awarded an unprecedented number of 16 Sports Emmy Awards during his time as a sportscaster.

Who is the wife of former American football player Cris Collinsworth? We’ll answer questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Cris Collinsworth is Married to Wife Holly Bankemper since 1989

Image of Cris Collinsworth with his wife, Holly Bankemper
Cris Collinsworth with his wife, Holly Bankemper

Decades into a loving relationship have not affected the fondness of the lovers towards each other. Being a married couple since the late 80s would be tiresome for many, but they have proven the opposite.

Their love story goes way back to when they were still attending their respective colleges. Cris Collinsworth’s wife was still a young cheerleader back then.

Because of close relations and a complex tangle of friends and other classmates, their hearts found a way to see each other. You know what people say when you are destined with one another, love will always make a way to connect you with your lover.

And so, with their loving relationship brewing and their connections sparking, everything is set for them to be together. After they graduated college, they moved on to pursue law at the University of Cincinnati.

Since that faithful day, he and Cris Collinsworth’s wife have spent years building a family and reaching their dreams together. They are constantly caring for and supporting each other.

Cris Collinsworth Past Relationships and Ex-Wife

Due to the long history of love between the two, there is not much information regarding the dating history of the retired football player. He has not spoken about his romantic past before meeting his amazing wife.

Although it does not remove the fact that his varsity status and physique may have attracted some young ladies to him when he was still a teen, it will remain speculations because he has not disclosed any data.

Holly Bankemper’s Biography

Cris Collinsworth’s wife, Holly, is also an excellent personality. Since becoming a cheerleader at the University of Kentucky, she has not stepped down on the pedestal of constant recognition.

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati College of Law, Holly pursued a career being an attorney and is now a prosperous and financially stable woman. She is currently living with her husband and is enjoying the fruits of their labor from years of hard work and perseverance.

 Cris Collinsworth’s Kids

Image of Cris Collinsworth and Holly Bankemper with their kids
Cris Collinsworth and Holly Bankemper with their kids

The married couple is fortunate to be blessed with four very loving, intelligent, and skilled children. Their first kid is named Katie, and she is currently living with her husband and two kids.

Their second child is no other than the team captain of the University of Notre Dame’s football team, Austin. Ashley Collinsworth is the one that followed Austin and has attended the prestigious institution that is Harvard University.

And last but not least, Jac Collinsworth is recognized as one of NBC’s sports crew and has been working side-by-side with his father since 2020.

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