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Is Craig Melton Married to a Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Dating History.

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Image of Craig Melton and Glennon Doyle with their kids

When we talk about celebrities, their partners are almost always attached to their names most often than not. This is the same scenario when it comes to the life of athlete Craig Melton.

He hit the headlines when he broke up the 12 years of marriage with his former wife, Glennon Doyle. She is best known for being an award-winning writer and socio-political activist, with her books being considered New York Times bestselling books.

They are a famous couple that is known across Hollywood. Sadly, things take a sudden turn for the worst.

And now their legacy as lovebirds all come crashing down. The news saddens fans of both personalities, but life must go on like what we all say.

Who is the new wife of soccer player and model Craig Melton? We’ll answer questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Craig Melton’s Marriage to Glennon Doyle in 2004

Image of Craig Melton and Glennon Doyle with their kids
Craig Melton and Glennon Doyle with their kids

The couple’s love story went way back almost two decades ago. Craig Melton’s wife would often tell stories about their relationship in her books.

Although it is not known how and when the two former lovers met, it is likely that they were wedded to have a lifelong relationship. Unfortunately, life is full of harsh realities and sudden changes.

And in a gloomy day in 2016, the two mutually decided to file for a separation case. They finalized their decision to be divorced for many reasons that Craig Melton’s wife wrote in her book entitled UNTAMED.

In it, Craig Melton’s wife narrated the troubles that her then-husband would cause her. From having a chronic porn and masturbation addiction to frequent one-night stands and flings despite being married.

Glennon decided that it was not healthy for her to stay in a relationship that was doomed to fall. For Craig Melton’s ex-wife, he is just a walking red flag that should be avoided at all times.

Is Craig Melton Married? Who is his new wife?

Nothing was confirmed despite the rumors that the player-turned-model is in a healthy and active relationship with his new wife. According to several sources, it seems as though he is currently enjoying the life of being single.

Some people believe that because of his constant cheating and flirting with other girls, entering a relationship should be the least of his priorities. Netizens fear that he may break another woman’s heart if his attitude towards ladies would not change.

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