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Connor McDavid is not Married to Wife. Dating a Girlfriend: Lauren Kyle

Image of Connor McDavid with his girlfriend, Lauren Kyle

There is no denying that Canada is a cold country, with the northern provinces being covered with snow all year round, so Connor McDavid and his sport is something that people watch. For those of you who are not aware of this very talented athlete, let us introduce you to the captain and the center of the National Hockey League’s Edmonton Oilers.

Connor Andrew McDavid was born in the city of Richmond Hill in Canada’s second-largest province, Ontario. There, he was exposed to ice hockey early, with kids his age playing with him in their spare time and his father serving and guiding him as his coach.

He brought his favorite hobby and pastime and made it his profession when he first started playing professionally in 2015 after the Edmonton Oilers drafted him into their team. With the opportunity he gave, he wasted no time proving to everyone why he deserves to be signed by such a fantastic team and be toe-to-toe with other prominent athletes.

With that in mind, he persevered, surpassed every odd thrown into him, and became the youngest captain in the league’s 100+ years of remarkable history. Since then, people have dubbed him one of the best players that had ever set foot on the ice rinks of the NHL, even being compared to other greats like Wayne Gretzky and captain Sidney Crosby.

Keep reading to know more about Connor McDavid’s wife, marriage, and his relationships.

Connor McDavid is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Lauren Kyle

Image of Connor McDavid with his girlfriend, Lauren Kyle

Connor McDavid with his girlfriend, Lauren Kyle

At 25 years old, the sportsman has already achieved various accolades, overcoming the odds in his career and life, and only one question remains, who is Connor McDavid’s Wife? Well, quite frankly, Connor McDavid’s wife is yet to be named, but people have speculated that it might soon have a name in the form of his girlfriend, Lauren Kyle.

The couple is believed to have been lovers in 2016, a year after the hockey player entered the professional hockey scene. They met at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration and since then, saw what seems to be a foreseeable future together as a very loving couple.

Lauren Kyle’s Biography

Without a doubt, the athlete is award-winning, with a reputation that s him and a wallet ready to sustain the family he will soon have. But let us remind you that Connor McDavid’s wife-to-be is no simple person also because she has the ventures that make her a very independent woman.

After she finished her education and reached the right age, she worked at a consultancy firm in the US and saved up to create and manage her own business. As of recently, she owns and handles Kyle and Co. Design Studios is solely dedicated to providing its clients with the best interior design they need.

Connor McDavid’s Previous Relationships

Since the two have been dating each other when they were teenagers, there is no fundamental reason for him to have other lovers before meeting Lauren. Although this is something that has not been confirmed nor denied by the athlete, it is essential to note that Lauren can be his first-ever girlfriend.

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