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Cliff Devries is Married to Wife: Stephanie Devries. Kids.

Image of Cliff Devries

Clifford Devries, known professionally as Cliff Devries, is an American diving coach for the Rochester Institute of Technology. He became well-known in 2016 and 2017 when a video showing him diving off of a diving board that was three meters tall when he was disabled went viral.

He was born on the 30th day of October 1973 in Rochester, New York. Cliff has been paralyzed off his right side from the neck down following a 13-hour tumor removal operation which took a six-inch-long brain tumor when he was twenty-one.

Learn more about American diving coach Cliff Devries’ wife, Stephanie Devries, and their life and marriage journey. Also, discover details of Cliff’s kids!

Cliff and Stephanie Devries’ Marriage

Image of Cliff Devries with his wife, Stephanie Devries
Cliff Devries with his wife, Stephanie Devries

The inspiring diving coach has been married to his wife, Stephanie, since 2009. After his life-altering surgery, Cliff believed that his dream of starting a family had been destroyed.

Devries treasures his family life with her, whom he met on an internet dating site. At this time, his marriage to her is still going strong, having no signs of disagreements or problems.

After exchanging emails, phone calls, and in-person visits, he and Stephanie spoke for a time. Since his father was a JetBlue employee at the time and she lived in Florida, traveling and meeting up was not a hassle, unlike another facet of the dating scene, and they immediately clicked.

They were married, and she became Cliff Devries’ wife on the 14th day of November 2009, according to Stephanie’s Facebook account. His wife and their three children have been living with him in Rochester, New York.

They have been with the forty-eight-year-old coach helping him with his everyday life. It can be seen in the viral video he was in.

Family and friends sang happy birthday to him, and Devries’ youngest daughter, Grace, hugged him as he emerged from the ocean. Devries’ son Corey helped him reach the stars as he performed his first viral dive.

Their images can be found on his Facebook page and Instagram account, @clifforddevries.

Stephanie Devries’ Biography

Cliff Devries’ wife was born Stephanie Neas on the 16th day of November 1976 in the state of Florida, United States of America. Unfortunately, she has kept most of her life details away from the recognition her husband has had since his viral video.

There is not a lot of information that is available about her education, and it is unrevealed if she attended college or if she has a degree. It is also not disclosed if she has any professional certifications.

However, based on her Facebook account’s bio, she is a proud mother and wife. Stephanie is also an entrepreneur, a virtual admin, and an audiobook aficionado, though she has not gone into the specifics of the stated information.

She was in an undisclosed past relationship with whom she had her two sons. Due to the fact that Cliff Devries’ wife is a very private person, neither the amount of time that she was in a relationship with the father of her two sons nor the circumstances that led to the dissolution of their affair has been discussed publicly at this time.

Cliff Devries’ Kids

Image of Cliff Devries with his wife, Stephanie Devries, and their first son, Caleb Neas
Cliff Devries with his wife, Stephanie Devries, and their first son, Caleb Neas

He has three children in total. Cliff has accepted his wife’s two kids as his own, and he also has a daughter within his marriage to Stephanie.

Caleb Neas

He is their oldest son, though Caleb’s birth and age details are not known.

Corey Devries

He is their second child, who was born on the 11th day of March 1998, making him twenty-four years old now.

Grace Devries

She is their youngest child and only daughter. Grace’s exact birth date has not been known.

Nevertheless, in an article published by the Democrat&Chronicle in 2017, she was already five years old, which means she is around nine or ten years old.

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