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Clark Middleton is Married to Wife: Elissa Middleton.

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Image of Clark Middleton with his wife, Elissa Middleton

Clark Middleton was an American actor that had played different roles in film and tv. Because of the actor’s physique and figure, he landed roles that fit him perfectly.

The actor’s career started when he was part of the film Miss Lonelyhearts during the 80s. Then, he got picked up by scouts and was hired as an actor for the legal drama Law & Order.

His time there enabled him to land other jobs in the entertainment industry. One of which is in the tv series Fringe, where he played the role of Edward Markham.

The actor was also a part of the Showtime Network. He played the character of Charlie in the hit 2017 tv series Twin Peaks: The Return.

His struggles with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis started when he was young. Clark’s story was portrayed in the play entitled Miracle Mile where he went to different parts of the country to perform.

Sadly, the actor left us in 2020 because of his complications from West Nile Virus. Are you curious about what happened to the actor?

Read this article as we tell you who is Clark Middleton’s wife.

Clark Middleton is Married to Wife: Elissa Middleton

Image of Clark Middleton with his wife, Elissa Middleton
Clark Middleton with his wife, Elissa Middleton

Although some may think that people with illnesses are hard to love, this is not the case with the famous actor. He has found the love of his life and shared many memories before succumbing to his disease.

Clark Middleton is married to his longtime partner Elissa Middleton. The two enjoyed a fruitful and lengthy relationship together.

Although little is known about their relationship, they tied the knot in 2006. The couple was together for decades but did not have their child.

Despite this, the married couple had an excellent relationship. Clark Middleton’s wife said she would never forget her time with her husband.

Unfortunately, because the actor died in 2020, the widowed woman is left alone but remains strong. She said that she would continue living because it is what her husband would’ve wanted.

Who is Elissa Middleton?

The late actor suffered from different diseases. But throughout his lifetime, he was accompanied by the love of his life.

Elissa Middleton is Clark Middleton’s wife. Like her husband, she is also an actress and has appeared in different shows and films.

The lovely woman debuted in 2010 in the film Good as Dead. After her work there, she was cast for the 2012 film Safe.

She was hired as a cast of the film Faraway Eyes, directed by Harry Greenberger. Clark Middleton’s wife played the part of the daughter of Jeannie Berlin.

Besides acting, she is also a theatre actor. Clark Middleton’s wife performed in The Only Jealousy of Emer.

Because of her excellent performance, she was chosen as the lead character in Murder on the Main Line, directed by Meredith Anthony. Unfortunately, personal details about Clark Middleton’s wife are not revealed to the public.

She wants to retain her privacy behind the cameras and spotlight.

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