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Christopher Titus is Married to Wife: Rachel Bradley. Kids.

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Image of Christopher Titus with his wife, Rachel Bradley

Christopher Todd Titus is an actor from the United States. He starred in his hit show on FOX entitled Titus, where he did everything from producing to writing and acting.

He also performs stand-up comedy. The main topic in his performances is his chaotic family and terrible life experiences.

According to his statements, he had a very troubling childhood. His father suffered from alcoholism, and his mother has an illness called schizophrenia.

The two later on separated and filed for divorce. Christopher stayed with his father after this.

His mother was accused of killing her second partner but was later acquitted of the murder. Sadly, she took her own life after a couple of years.

Despite these challenges, the famous comedian worked hard to be successful. He pursued his dream of becoming a celebrity by pushing his way into the industry.

His path to fame was not easy. Christopher started as a comedian, writing jokes about his personal experiences and events that may seem dark, but he puts them into comedy.

His first tv appearance was in Normal Rockwell is bleeding. Because of this, he became a staple in Comedy Central around 2008.

With the comedian’s busy career, does he still have time to have a partner? We will answer that question, so read this article to know more about Christopher Titus’ wife, Rachel Bradley.

Christopher’s Relationships

Image of Christopher Titus with his wife, Rachel Bradley
Christopher Titus with his wife, Rachel Bradley

The well-known comedy genius is appealing to women. Because of his charisma and charm, he managed to have a lot of relationships during his youth.

But in 1991, Christopher married his first wife and long-time girlfriend, Erin Carden. The two had a troubled relationship and filed for divorce in 2008.

Christopher Titus’ wife, Erin, accused him of harming her and their children. But it was proven false in court.

It was later revealed that Erin had cheated on him with a 60-year-old man. This eventually broke the comedian’s heart.

But after this relationship, Christopher found love with another woman. In 2013, he married his then partner/sweetheart Rachel Bradley.

Ever since then, the couple has lived a quiet life. They stray away from controversies to prevent what happened to Christopher Titus’ wife in his past relationship.

Rachel Bradley’s Biography

Rachel Bradley is Christopher Titus’ wife. They had been married for nine years already.

Rachel is not at all different from his husband. The two have been in the industry since the early 2000s, and they both have experience in showbiz.

She currently works as a producer for different films. But she also did some acting jobs in films such as Special Unit, Ron Funches, and Awakening.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the producer’s life. We will update this once information about her is revealed.

Christopher Titus’ Kids

Christopher has two lovely children. He is the father of Kennie Marie Titus and Jett Evan Titus.

Both of his kids are from his first wife. Fans hope that someday, the comedian may build a family with his current wife.

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