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Chris Provost’s First Wife: Amanda Provost.

Image of Chris Provost with his wife, Amanda Provost, and their son, Miles

Chris Provost is a famous American writer and actor. He is commonly known for featuring as an actor in movies such as Blood & Oil, Zeros, Airborne Creed, Right on Track, Hounded, and Templar Nation, just to name a few.

He has also produced a film, Zeros, where he was featured as one of the main co-executive producers. He is also known to have been the main writer for the same movie.

Apart from working in the film industry, he has also worked as an emcee for the Salt Lake Comic Convention, where he shares jokes with his audience. Keep reading to know more about Chris Provost’s wife! 

Chris Provost’s First Wife, Amanda Provost. 

Image of Chris Provost with his wife, Amanda Provost, and their son, Miles
Chris Provost with his wife, Amanda Provost, and their son, Miles

Chris Provost’s wife, Amanda Taylor Provost, was born on the 22nd of November in the United States of America and had an American nationality. Little information is known about her educational background as she has not released any details about her personal life to the public.

Regarding her occupation, she is a wonderful homemaker and works with her husband as his business partner. Currently, she works with Chris Provost in hosting the Provost Park Pass, which is mainly for granting access to activities in Disneyland Theme Park to their subscribers.

An interesting fact picked up from Chris Provost’s Instagram account is that Amanda prefers not to wear shoes most of the time. Amanda is a loving mom and hardworking wife, which can be seen through Chris Provost’s Instagram posts about her.

Additionally, Chris Provost’s wife, Amanda, has her own private Instagram account, which is assumedly only accessed by her close friends and relatives. However, they opened a YouTube channel where they post videos of visiting and going for adventures at Disneyland.

When did they first meet?

Amanda and Chris Provost first met on a cruise ship when Chris had gone on vacation. Before his vacation, he had been admitted to the hospital due to rapid heart palpitations, and his doctor had recommended he go for a vacation to speed up his recovery process.

The two lovebirds got to know each other since then for a short period of time before they finally decided to get married. The exact details about their marriage have not been released to the public.

They have a son, Miles, who just graduated from preschool on the 28th of May 2021, according to Chris’ Instagram posts.

A look at Chris Provost’s Past Relationships

It is unknown whether Chris Provost was in any prior relationship before meeting Amanda. However, he has never been engaged nor formerly married.

Chris has been confidential with his past personal life, but it would not be wrong to assume that he was in at least one relationship during his early years.

Furthermore, there have also been no claims whatsoever by people who have been in a relationship with him.

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