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Chris Pontius is Married to Wife: Mae Quijada. Kids.

A dedicated stunt actor who made a debut in a comedy series, ‘Jackass,’ his name is Chris Pontius. He has been involved in the entertainment industry for years by being a stunt performer. He worked for Big Brother until 1999. Unfortunately, he failed to show up for a tour without prior notice, causing him to lose his job.

Being fired from his previous work in not a hindrance to trying everything he could to have an opportunity. He later had a job at Jamba Juice and worked under Charles Schwab. After several months, an article titled ‘Life After Big Brother,’ was published as he returned to a magazine, telling the misfortunes he encountered in the nine to five world.

At some point, ‘ Jackass’ ended, and he had an opportunity to star in ‘Wildboyz’ on MTV and then MTV2 with the alumnus of ‘Jackass,’ Steve-O. He also had a few projects in Famous Skill Country where he only appeared as a guest celebrity for about four episodes.

His fans are asking him for a big break to be given to him, as they are enthralled to see him in movie films. He proved over the years that he is a talented actor deserving to be known by everyone as he is doing everything on his own.

Chris Pontius is Married to his Wife: Mae Quijada

Image of Chris Pontius with his wife, Mae Quijada
Chris Pontius with his wife, Mae Quijada

Chris Pontius’ Wife, Mae Quijada, has been named as his partner in crime. She is his second wife, a well-known on Instagram, where she handles a clothing line.

There were no exact dates when the couple started dating and when the marriage took place. However, Mae Quijada continues to be referred to as Chris Pontius’ Wife on multiple occasions. Even though they share nothing about their love life, fans often spot them having sweet moments from time to time.

Chris Pontius’ Past Relationships

Image of Chris Pontius with his ex-partner, Claire Nolan
Chris Pontius with his ex-partner, Claire Nolan

The entertainment industry is vast, and it is not a surprise that Chris Pontius already had a wife before his current relationship. Her name is Claire Nolan. Their marriage started in 2004 and lasted for several years before splitting up in 2013.

Additional information about their case is not provided. For the time being, all sources are now focused on how Chris Pontius’ Wife and how he gained recognition as she appeared in public as his spouse.

Mae Quijada’a Biography

Broad information, including the family and background of Chris Pontius’ Wife, is still unknown. The only details that have been provided in different sources are that she is an admin in a particular Instagram account of apparel that presents a wide range of clothing such as t-shirts and baby items.

The couple continued to enjoy each other’s company while keeping their personal lives private while steadily establishing their love securely.

Chris Pontius’ Kids

The couple announced their first child way back in 2019, and he named their child Axe. They reside in Pasadena, California, United States, and frequently update their social media since they still want their child to have privacy as much as possible.

On their social media, the couple proudly expresses their love for their only child. Assuring their fans that the child will grow up having his parents’ affection and care.

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