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Chris Norton is Married to Wife: Emily Summers. Kids.

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Image of Chris Norton a Former Professional Football Player

Chris Norton is a prime example of hope and perseverance. Despite his challenges, he served as a herald of inspiration and hope to the community.

Chris was previously playing for Luther College Football team for division III football. But in 2010, he suffered from severe spinal cord injury while attempting to tackle during the kick-off of the game.

He was then paralyzed from the neck down. He could not move his legs and feet and was given only a 3% chance of recovering from his condition.

He feared that he would not be able to regain his ability to move from a young age. But after a few weeks into therapy, he could move a little bit which made him not lose hope in fighting his battle.

After his rehab, Norton continued his studies and pursued his dream. Even if his dreams of ever playing again are shattered, he considered this a blessing because he did not expect things to get a lot better in the years to come.

Chris received his diploma on stage on May 24, 2015. His then-girlfriend, Emily Summers, assisted him.

The video of him walking across the stage was viewed by more than 5 million people on different social media platforms. This served as an inspiration that helped many people struggling with their conditions not to lose hope.

His story is now immortalized in the film 7 Yards, where he was shown beating the odds and battling his condition. The film was named after he intended to walk down the aisle at his wedding.

Read more about Chris Norton’s wife, Emily Summers, their relationship, and their kids.

Chris Norton is married to his wife, Emily Summers

Image of the Former Professional Football Player with his wife at their wedding
Former Professional Football Player with his wife at their wedding

Despite Chris’s challenges, he is now married to his wife, Emily Summers. Their relationship started even before Chris suffered his injury.

Chris Norton and Emily were considered perfect couples during their time in high school. Their relationship was put to the test when Chris was paralyzed.

The couple had tough challenges to overcome, such as Chris’ therapy and rehab. During this time, Emily helped her boyfriend regain control of his lower body.

She would carry him sometimes and assist him in walking. One of the critical moments in their relationship was when Chris graduated from college.

Emily helped him stand up and walk across the stage and receive his diploma. After a long and eventful relationship, the two tied the knot in 2018.

Before the ceremony, it was a tough battle to practice and rehearse Chris’s eventual walk down the aisle before the ceremony.

Emily Summers

Image of Emily Summer with her Husband Chris Norton
Emily Summer with her Husband, Chris Norton

Emily Summers is Chris Norton’s wife. She has a kind-hearted soul because she stayed throughout her husband’s long recovery.

She worked in a group home for troubled children. She said that it was a life-changing experienced that enabled her to reflect on her life.

Personal details about her are not revealed to the public. But currently, she spends most of her time taking care of their children.

Chris Norton’s Kids

Image of Chris and Emily with their five adopted Kids
Chris and Emily with their five adopted Kids

Having kids is a challenge on its own. But the couple has been through enough challenges to be afraid of having kids.

Chris Norton’s wife chose to adopt five lovely kids; Whittley, Ava, Liliana, Isabella, and Ariana. They currently reside in Iowa, USA.

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