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Chris Motionless is not Married. Dating Girlfriend: Gaiapatra. Kids: Riley Cerulli

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Image of Chris Motionless with his girlfriend, Gaiapatra

Chris Motionless is a well-known figure in the metal community as he is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the highly acclaimed heavy metal band, Motionless in White.

Together with Angelo Parente, Frank Polumbo, and Kyle White, he co-founded the band in 2005 and released numerous projects.

Aside from musicianship, Chris got recognized for his odd and unusual look, including long hair, gothic attire, and a body covered in tattoos.

Chris Motionless was born Christopher Thomas Cerulli on the 17th day of October 1986 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and he is aged 35 as of the making of this article.

He had a rough childhood as he grew up seeing his parents’ continuous quarrels until it led to their divorce when he was still a child.

He grew up with music as his central refuge, and in high school, he created his band.

Read more to learn about the Motionless in White’s lead vocalist and guitarist Chris Motionless’ life, is he married? Find out in this article.

Chris Motionless is not married to his wife: Dating his Girlfriend Gaiapatra

Image of Chris Motionless with his girlfriend, Gaiapatra
Chris Motionless with his girlfriend, Gaiapatra

The vocalist has had several relationships but has not settled down yet. According to sources, Chris Motionless is dating a well-known Instagram model and make-up artist, Gaiapatra, who had worked on many projects. On the other hand, Chris Cerulli keeps his personal life a secret.

Gaiapatra biography

Image of Gaiapatra
Gaiapatra is an artist, model, and performer.

Though well-known for working as the make-up artist for the band Motionless in White while on tour for numerous years, Chris Motionless’ girlfriend is an alternative rock make-up artist.

She turned into an Instagram star with more than 48.7 thousand followers. Furthermore, she has made advancements in modeling.

Gaiapatra was born on the 14th day of November 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, and is aged 33. Aside from those specifics, her other data are not known.

Unfortunately, Chris Motionless’ girlfriend, Gaiapatra, does not have a Wikipedia profile. Though once one is available, this article will be updated.

Previous Relationships

At the start of 2013, he was in a relationship with Sabrina Malfoy. They broke up soon after as the relationship was short-lived.

In addition, he had a relationship with an ex-girlfriend named Callie, with whom he has a daughter. Sadly, the ex-couple’s relationship details are undisclosed.

Chris Motionless’ Kids

Image of Chris Motionless with his daughter, Riley Cerulli
The musician with his daughter, Riley Cerulli

The vocalist is a single parent with a daughter born when he was only twenty years old. His daughter’s name is Riley Cerulli, and she lives with Chris’ ex-girlfriend and her mother, Callie.

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