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Is Chris Heria Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Chris Heria with his son, Zen

Christian D. Heria is an American fitness YouTuber specializing in weight training and hypertrophy. Because of the extended lockdown, his videos about home workouts reached over a million views.

The pandemic made the fast-paced world move a lot slower. We must stay at home for a long time with nothing else to do.

The implemented home quarantine resulted in public places and establishments stopping their operations in the meantime. This includes spaces such as gyms and workout parks.

Because of this, people resorted to home workouts and YouTube guides. One of the influencers that served as a guide to people under quarantine is Chris Heria.

On December 21, 1991, the influencer was born in Miami, USA. Since his youth, he has had an affinity for athletics and sports.

Chris Heria attended various competitions, one of which was the Street Workout Championships. He finished his studies at the St. Brendan School.

In 2019, Chris won the Fitness Influencer Award Monaco because of his great work in boosting the community and guiding the newcomers into the fitness world. He also has an app called Heria pro.

People use this as a guide or a personal trainer that helps them through their workouts. Curious about the fitness star’s life?

Read this article to know more about Chris Heria’s wife and personal life.

Chris Heria’s Relationship Status

Image of Chris Heria
Chris Heria is a public personality. He is known as a fitness trainer and a member of the famous workout team called BarStarzz.

Looking at Chris’ appearance, one would assume that he is a heartthrob and that women adore him. But currently, the fitness YouTuber is not seeing someone.

According to sources, he is currently single and is not linked to anyone, and the idea of seeing Chris Heria’s wife soon is a little impossible. Chris focuses on building his business and continuing his work.

But Heria said he would indeed find his life partner in the future, so stay tuned because we will update this write-up once he shares details about his love life.

Chris Heria’s ex-wife

Despite the perfect life shown on Chris’ Instagram, the Fitness star has a dreadful past. His relationship with his ex-girlfriend ended sadly.

It was reported that his ex-partner got pregnant and pressured Chris to marry her. But then, he did not follow her and instead pursued his dreams.

Unfortunately, Chris Heria’s wife and their relationship are not disclosed. But it is said that the two had a positive relationship before the eventual fallout.

Chris was also involved in an altercation with his ex’s cousin. He was attacked in a restaurant in Miami by then-unknown assailants.

After a lengthy legal battle, it was then revealed that the gang that attacked the influencer was his ex-girlfriend’s cousin.

Chris Heria’s son

Image of Chris Heria with his son, Zen
Chris Heria with his son, Zen

Chris is a happy father to his son, Zen. He was born on September 16, 2011, and is now ten years old.

The two are a lot like each other, with Zen’s features coming from his well-built dad. But it cost him a long and hideous legal battle for him to spend time with his son.

The two meet each other 3-4 times a week.

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