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Chris Baker is Married to Wife: Sarah Baker. Past Relationships

Image of Chris Baker

Chris Baker is a popular American talk radio host and stand-up comedian who was raised in Dallas, Texas. This is the same place he’d make a name for himself, working on a talk show on the KTRH and KPRC channels.

Unfortunately, his show was canceled in 2007 and he went ahead to work in Minneapolis at KTLK station. While there, many people did not like his commentaries concerning the gay community, transgender, women, Barack Obama, and other topics.

Due to this, he received a lot of criticism and his station had to offer an apology on his behalf. In Omaha, he was also fired in 2021 by KFAB for attributing racism to his post about convict Derek Chauvin.

Keep reading for more information about Chris Baker’s wife! Stay tuned!

Chris Baker’s Wife: Sarah Baker Image of Chris Baker

Chris Baker is a former talk radio host of the radio station called NewsRadio 1110 KFAB

Chris Baker’s wife, Sarah Baker is commonly known as the wife of former talk radio host Chris Baker. Her exact birth details are not known, however, she has an American nationality.

Not much information has been revealed regarding her educational background. Seeing that she lives a private life and does not post or interact in any social media platforms, it is safe to assume that she works as a homemaker.

An interesting fact to know is that there was once a time when she was admitted to hospital after consuming a toxic beer-cleaning chemical while at the Alamo Draft House bar. Fortunately, she was rushed to the hospital together with her other friend and they both received fast treatment.

Sarah is a very private person; her details have not been released to the public ever since she came into the limelight as the wife of Chris Baker. We are still hoping that something would come up in the future for us to get a better glimpse of who she is.

Their Relationship

Chris and Sarah Baker first met while they were in Omaha. The two dated for a period of time before finally settling down in marriage.

The couple is blessed with three sons. Not much information has been revealed regarding their sons. Chris rarely likes to give information to the public concerning his personal life with his wife and kids.

However, according to his profile on his Twitter social media account, CBakerShow, he identifies himself as a husband as well as a father.

Chris Baker’s Past Relationships

Chris Baker has never talked about his past personal life; thus it is hard to know whether he was engaged in past relationships during his younger years. It is only alleged that he has been in at least one former relationship before he met his wife, Sarah Baker.

However, some of his recent tweets have raised suspicions about the state of his relationship. He once replied to a post by FoxNews on Twitter, commenting ‘She single?’ in the reply section. Although Chris has never commented further about it, the situation still brings a lot of questions regarding his integrity in marriage.

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