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Chingo Bling is Married to Wife: Marisol Herrera. Kids.

Image of Chingo Bling with his wife, Marisol Herrera, and their kids

An American rapper, producer, and comedian of Mexican descent, he is Pedro Herrera III, best known as Chingo Bling. Before he became a prominent Latin rapper in the Southwest, he sold Chingo CDs and mixtapes around 2001 at local stores and flea markets and everywhere in Texas.

A big break came, and that was his chance to seize that opportunity; it was the show in Los Angeles called Power 106’s Pocos show, which became a spotlight to show his music. The first album he has is ‘The Tamale Kingpin’ in 2004 when he released himself on his own Big Chile Enterprises label, the following year, he released 4 President, and that made him a star.

Despite having lower sales than the artists on major labels, he gained widespread attention for his comedic appeal, including articles on MTV and Telemundo, as well as in several hip-hop publications. However, some threw negative criticisms of him.

Having people who did not like his songs and culture did not stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a rapper. He continued the path he thinks is right. Disregarding the negative reviews and comments about him and his music.

Chingo Bling has been Married to Wife: Marisol Herrera

Image of Chingo Bling with his wife, Marisol Herrera
Chingo Bling with his wife, Marisol Herrera

He was regarded as a loyal husband as he only married and only loved one woman in his life. Chingo Bling’s Wife, Marisol Hererra, is an entrepreneur and a sign language interpreter, a streetwear clothing named Herr Apparel is a business that she launched. She implied that this is dedicated to “All the Badass Women in the World.”

Chingo Bling’s wife is also hosting Chingo Bling’s podcast with him. Regarding the date of their marriage, Chingo Bling chose not to have a statement in public about their wedding as it is not known when the two of them tied the knot.

Chingo Bling’s Past Relationships

It is confirmed that Chingo Bling’s Wife is the only woman he has dated and loved for his entire life, this made Marisol Herrera adore him even more. That gives his wife assurance that he is his only woman.

He might not date in the near future or even throughout his life as Chingo Bling’s Wife blessed him with two adorable daughters. The two are happy in the foundation of their marriage, and Marisol Herrera will always be his home.

Marisol Herrara’s Biography

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Marisol Herrara is also a fitness expert. While taking care of their toddler, together with her husband, they started a hashtag #Quarantinefitness wherein she and Chingo Bling encourages people to work out to keep their health safe. The hashtag became a trend on social media that made them recognized more.

Her ability to manage to be an entrepreneur, a fitness expert, and a mother at the same time is fantastic. She is a good wife.

Chingo Bling’s Kids

Image of Chingo Bling with his wife, Marisol Herrera, and their kids
Chingo Bling with his wife, Marisol Herrera, and their kids

Love blossomed between the two, resulting in a beautiful daughter named Penelope. She is the only daughter of Ching Bling and Marisol Herrera, born in 2018, and she indeed obtained all the affection of her parents, which made an assurance that she would grow up buoyant.

Their daughter does not appear publicly that often, but surely the couple treasures their only child dearly.

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