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Who is Chef Adriano Zumbo Wife Like Girlfriend Ornella Nelly Riggio?

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Australian pâtissier and television presenter, Adriano Zumbo

Adriano Zumbo is an Australian pastry chef and TV personality. When he was 15, he initiated his culinary career by learning the art of pastry making. The celeb shot to fame after starring in the Netflix cooking show Just Desserts. Additionally, Adriano has also featured in other Netflix titles like Sugar Rush and runs several restaurants. However, the chef is not as successful in his restaurant business as he faced financial trials and debts in the late 2010s.

Today, we discuss Adriano Zumo’s wife, dating history, and his gossips with girlfriend Nelly Riggio.

Is Nelly Riggio Adrian Zumbo’s Wife?

In 2017, Adriano Zumbo was a judge of the Master Chef franchise in Australia. There, in one of the episodes, he introduced his girlfriend, Nelly Riggio, to the viewers and his fans. Adriano had dated many women before. However, Nelly brought much more to his plate.

Furthermore, he made many compliments to her wife-like qualities and mentioned that he found everything he desired in her. After four years, we haven’t heard any wedding bells yet. However, the couple is still dating and is rumored to get married soon. As of now, Adriano Zumbo does not have a wife.

Adriano Zumbo Dating History

In the early 2000s, Adriano fell in love with his boss’ daughter. That was the start of his romance career. He was in his final teenage year, and his partner was 17 years old. However, they split three years after they started dating. The name of the details of his first girlfriend is unknown.

Daniella Rugero

In 2012, the chef fell in love once again. His culinary career was taking off, and his stars aligned with the family lawyer, Daniella Ruggero. The couple was pretty serious about the relationship, and they even moved in together. The duo lived in their home in Balmain and was even looking forward to marriage. However, the chef broke up with Daniella in 2014.

Adriano Zumbo with his ex-girlfriend
Australian pastry chef Adriano Zumbo with his ex-girlfriend, Daniella Ruggero.

Nelly Riggio

In 2016, love knocked on the chef’s door once again. A beautiful lady by the name, Nelly Riggio applied for a job with the chef. With a fortunate turn of events, the couple started dating. The following year, in January 2017, the chef made the relationship public. Furthermore, he also stated loud and clear about how special Nelly was to him. According to the chef, Nelly Riggio checked all his wife-qualities boxes, and he genuinely believed that she is his soulmate.

According to some unverified sources, the couple is set to get married soon and wants to start a family. However, there is something more our readers should know about the girlfriend of the Sugar Rush star.

Australian pastry chef Adriano Zumbo with his wife
Australian pastry chef Adriano Zumbo with his soon-to-be wife, Nelly Riggio.

Nelly Riggio and JP Hulliet

Before her romance saga with the dessert chef Adriano Zumbo, Nelly Riggio was previously dating her co-star JP Hulliet. Nelly and JP together took part in the show My Kitchen Rules. It was a cooking competition in 2016. The duo was very close, and we found some really emotional scenes of the co-stars. However, Nelly dumped her ex-boyfriend JP and started dating the pastry chef.

In 2017, JP Hulliet accused his ex-girlfriend of cheating. He added that he was unknown about the incident and only knew about it after seeing the pair on Social Media. The MKR star criticized Nelly on social media on many occasions. Recently in 2021, JP married a dancer Lizzy Edwards. On the other hand, Adriano and Nelly are yet to make an announcement on where they stand with the relationship.

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