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Chauncy Glover is Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Chauncy Glover with his fiancée, Mayra Moreno

A passionate journalist with a three-time Emmy Award winner whose career started after two days of graduating from college is no other than Chauncy Glover. He has been given fame as he covers exclusive stories, including the “Hollywood Hacker,” which makes him recognized as a skilled journalist.

In his program, “Chauncy’s Journey,” he narrated his story of reuniting with his family after a disaster, and he was given several awards because of this. He then worked in Jacksonville to travel in the country of Athens, Alabama, where they transported household needs such as goods, clothing, and money for the reconstruction of the church.

Chauncy Glover joined as a fill-in anchor and reporter in Detroit, Michigan, under WDIY Local 4 News Team. As he worked in WDIV, he featured the Sandy Hook Massacre in Newtown, wherein he acquired a chance to interview a teacher whose classroom was next to the massacre that took place.

Throughout his years as a journalist, he had encountered different stories and experiences that enhanced his expertise in journalism. He possesses both passion and dedication to telling the world the stories we need to hear.

Keep reading to know more about Chauncy Glover’s wife, his marriage, and his family!

Is Chauncy Glover Married to Wife?

Image of Chauncy Glover with his fiancée, Mayra Moreno
Chauncy Glover with his fiancée, Mayra Moreno

Chauncy Glover is not open publicly about his personal life, and however, for the past years, it has been reported that he has been engaged to Mayra Moreno, a professional journalist in Texas. A promise was announced as they reported their engagement last September 17, 2016, however, in 2020, Mayra Moreno married another reporter.

As of now, there is no information floating around on the internet that states why Chauncy Glover and Mayra Moreno broke their engagement. Both the journalists remain silent, nevertheless, Chauncy Glover still gave Mayra Moreno a congratulation on his wedding.

As a famous journalist, it is a surprise that a reputable man like Chauncy Glover has reportedly had no partner in recent years. There is still no lady that takes the title of Chauncy Glover’ Wife. Even after spending his years as an influential journalist in show business, Chauncy Glover’glover’s Wife is still not named.

As a reporter, Chauncy Glover and his soon-to-be wife must want their personal life private as much as possible. He might keep silent about his relationship and choose to be reticent in his personal life. There might be a possibility that anytime soon, he will announce that he might have a longtime partner that might become Chauncy Glover’s Wife.

Chauncy Glover’s Biography

For now, let’s focus on his legacy for the past years of being a journalist since Chauncy’s

Glover’s wife might be named possibly for the next couple of years. Born and raised in Athens, Alabama, wherein historical monuments and structures abode grew up having supportive parents.

However, he chose not to share any certain information about his parents, siblings, or his other relatives. Chauncy Glover Graduated from Troy University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Theater, and Music.

He also acquired a degree in Public Relations and even graduated at the top of his class, eventually awarded a Sydney Sullivan Top Senior Award for showcasing academic excellence, campus involvement, and forwardness in faith.

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