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Charlie Kingery is Married to Wife: Christine Kingery.

Image of Charlie Kingery with his wife, Christine Kingery, and their kids

Charlie Kingery is one of America’s most influential police officers. He first became famous through A and E’s Live PD, a show which follows police officers fulfilling their daily duties.

The camera often caught him dancing in his uniform, and in 2020, many of his fans convinced him to start a TikTok page. Within one year, he gained 2.4 million followers and became a TikTok sensation.

This was later followed by Kingery opening his own clothing brand, Thin Line Apparel, and then touring with a law enforcement-led comedy group, Content Violation.

Charlie Kingery is Married to Wife: Christine Kingery.

Image of Charlie Kingery with his wife, Christine Kingery
Charlie Kingery with his wife, Christine Kingery

Charlie Kingery is married to Christine Kingery, the founder, and owner of Christine Kingery Events. The couple met in the noughties and married in 2011. They have two children together, Landon, who is 8, and Audra, who is 5.

Charlie was thought to be a good family man until he was charged with battery following an argument with Christine a few years ago. The couple was arguing in public, and a bystander tried to step in and calm the situation down.

However, instead of doing this, the man was assaulted. When interviewed, Christine claimed that the argument was over an affair; it is not known which spouse was being accused of having an affair, but many people speculate that it was Kingery.

Following the charges, Kingery was still allowed to continue to work as a police officer, which many people disagree with. There are also rumors that he was once under investigation after being involved in a bar fight.

Charlie Kingery and Jessie Flawless Lawless

In November of last year, Charlie’s TikTok page, as well as his other social media sites, mysteriously disappeared. His fans were shocked and started to speculate about what had happened.

A few days earlier, Jessie ‘Flawless Lawless’, who is also an influencer, had shared a video in which a police officer is accused of sexually harassing and assaulting her at Content Violation shows.

In the comments section of the video, she was asked who it was, and she eliminated Kingery’s two other co-stars, resulting in the finger being pointed at him. During a live session on Instagram, she opened up and explained how Kingery had put his hand down her pants.

It later became clear that Charlie had shut down his social media sites following the allegation of sexual assault against him, which Jessie ‘Flawless Lawless’ has commentated on, remarking on how it indicates his guilt. Content Violation’s tours were also canceled.

Following the accusation from Jessie ‘Flawless Lawless’, Lydia Shaffer, ‘The Conservative Barbie’, also stepped forward and shared two claims of assault against Kingery from two unknown accounts.

Kingery has commentated on the allegations, stating that TikTok has caused problems for him and invited drama into his life, which is his reason for deleting his account; nothing has been heard from him since. Another member of the Content Violation crew has also been accused of sexual assault but neither member has been charged with assault to date.

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