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Charlie Cox is Married to Wife: Samantha Cox.

Image of Charlie Cox with his wife, Samantha Cox

Charlie Cox is an English actor, best known for being the first non-American actor to play Matt Murdock/Daredevil. One of five children, he was born in London and attended two different boarding schools in Sussex and Dorset.

After leaving school, he moved down to Bristol to be training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Charlie has acted both onscreen and onstage in many different productions, but none were as significant as portraying Matt Murdock in the Netflix series, Daredevil.

Before the audition, Charlie had no idea that his character was blind. However, he stepped up to the challenge and won a Hellen Keller Achievement Award by the American Foundation for the Blind for his role.

Keep reading to know more about Charlie Cox’s wife, his relationships, and his past. Scroll here!

Charlie Cox is Married to Wife: Samantha Cox.

Image of Charlie Cox with his wife, Samantha Cox
Charlie Cox with his wife, Samantha Cox

Charlie Cox is happily married to his wife, Samantha Cox, a TV producer. The couple met on the set of Daredevil and had their first child together in 2016 before they were married in 2018. When they first met, they kept their relationship quiet to focus on their professional careers.

Charlie and Samantha now live in Connecticut with their two young daughters but have also lived in New York, Los Angeles, and London. They often travel together for work and recently worked together on the set of Kin, based in Dublin, Ireland.

It is rumored that Charlie was given the role because Samantha had a lot of influence on the production team. We will update this write-up with more information once Charlie Cox’s wife decides to disclose more about her. 

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A look at Charlie Cox’s Previous Relationships

Charlie and Samantha met when Charlie was 32 years old, so let’s look back at his previous relationships, which include many famous women.

Janet Montgomery

Before Samantha, he dated Janet Montgomery, a British actress, for one year. They met at the Bowery Hotel in New York when Charlie was doing Boardwalk Empire, and Janet was meeting with her agent.

Could she have been Charlie Cox’s wife? The two hit it off and felt instantly connected.

They often went on holiday together in the Caribbean and even started looking for a house in London. It was the first relationship that Janet had had with another actor.

There were rumors that Janet did try to get back with Charlie after they had broken up, but this has not been confirmed. Janet is currently single.

Kate Mara

A few years before Janet, in 2008, Charlie also dated Kate Mara, his co-star on Stone of Destiny. The couple dated for one year and were often seen on the red carpet and at fundraisers.

It is thought that Kate dumped Charlie after he dropped the Lombardi Trophy, one of the most precious football trophies of all time, and caught it with his steel-capped boot, which put a dent in it.

Kate is now happily married to Bill Elliot star Jamie Bell, who she acted with in Fantastic Four.

Lynn Collins

In 2004, Charlie also dated his American Merchant of Venice co-star, Lynn Collins, who was five years older than him. The relationship didn’t last long, and Lynn later married fellow actor Steven Strait. Since the break-up was amicable, Lynn and Charlie have maintained a great relationship.

Lily Cole

It is also rumored that Charlie Cox had a secret relationship with Lily Cole, as they had been pictured arriving at various events together, such as The Old Vic 24 Hour celebrity afterparty. This rumor has neither been confirmed nor dismissed. We suspect the two were together for a short period but decided to go their separate way after a while.

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