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Is Charlie Berens Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Charlie Berens

Charlie Berens is an American journalist and comedian. He is known for his Manitowoc Minute, wherein he tells current issues and happenings in under one minute.

The comedian started his professional career when he worked for MTV News Choose or Lose. After his work there, Berens moved to Tribune Media in 2012 to host the show Nightcap.

He continued to work for different titles as a host and news presenter. In 2017, he released a comedy news show entitled Manitowoc Minute on his YouTube channel.

Curious about the celebrity’s life? Read this article as we reveal more information about Charlie Berens’ wife and relationship status.

Charlie Berens’ Relationship Status

Image of Charlie Berens
Charlie Berens is an American journalist, comedian, and creator of “Manitowoc Minute.”

Berens always seems happy and approachable when it comes to his supporters. Because of his natural talent in comedy, the celebrity has stolen a lot of women’s hearts.

But fans wonder what the journalist comedian relationship status is. Charlie Berens is currently single.

According to sources, the celebrity wants to focus on his career but is not closing the door for future romantic endeavors.

Charlie Berens Relationship with ex-wife: Alex Wehrley

Image of Charlie Berens with his former partner, Alex Wehrley
Charlie Berens with his former partner, Alex Wehrley

The famous comedian never fails to make his audience laugh. But behind the laughter, Charlie had a rough past when it came to his love life.

Charlie Berens was previously married to the tv host Alex Wehrley. The two started as a humble couple.

They often spent time together during the early stages of their relationship. Because of this, the bond between them grew more robust, and eventually, they decided to get married.

The ex-couple tied the knot in 2015. At first, they had a wonderful and fun marriage.

But due to undisclosed reasons, their union leaders a break up. The split happened in late 2021.

Fans were shocked by this revelation because there were no signs of the ex-lovers’ downfall. Because they didn’t want to make it public, Charlie and Alex did not give any information about their divorce and settled it properly.

Alex Wehrley’s Biography

Image of Alex Wehrley
Alex Wehrley is an American YouTuber, TV host, and former Miss Wisconsin USA.

Alex Wehrley is an American tv personality. Charlie Berens’ wife has a background in modeling and was previously hailed as Miss Wisconsin USA.

Alexandra Ann Wehrley was born on July 29, 1987. In 2009, she finished college with a degree in Communications at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Charlie Beren’s wife has experience in live hosting. The lovely woman co-hosted the 2015 Miss USA pageant alongside Ted Newton.

Alex also hosted different tv shows. She was once a host of the morning news program Eye Opener and Oklahoma LIVE.

After her work there, Wehrley went to Hollywood to pursue a different path. She worked as an interviewer on E! News Now.

But Charlie Berens’ ex-wife went back to hosting and heralded different awards shows. One of her hosting jobs was at the ABC”s CMA Awards red carpet.

Apart from these, Alex worked with VH1 on the morning show Big Morning Buzz with Nick Lachey. They discussed topics about pop culture and contemporary issues.

Wehrley also hosted the comedic travel show Discover Wisconsin. Because of her works, the famous host has amassed over 80k followers on her Instagram account.

She refers to herself as a dog mom and posts her daily life and adventures with her pet dogs. Alex Wehrley has a YouTube channel.

The lovely woman started her vlogging career sometime in 2015. Her initial videos only got a few hundred views and did not gain traction on the social media platform.

She creates content without a specific style or topic. The famous host often shares her day and experiences on her channel and has over 6k subscribers.

Even after the divorce, the strong woman did not let her sadness take over and instead went on with life.

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