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Charlamagne is Married to Wife: Jessica Gadsden.

Image of Charlamagne with his wife, Jessica Gadsden

Charlamagne is an American radio host, TV and YouTube presenter, and author. He grew up in a neighborhood that was rife with drugs.

As a teenager, he was arrested three times. After the third time, he decided to change his life and attend night school.

His career as a radio host began as an intern for Z93 Jamz in Charleston. Due to his outspoken personality and provocative questioning techniques, Charlamagne did not always see eye to eye with fellow hosts, and sometimes, his shows were shut down.

However, in 2010 he got his big break and became the co-host of The Breakfast Club, a hip hop iHeart radio program. Keep reading to know more about Charlamagne’s wife! 

Charlamagne is Married to Wife: Jessica Gadsden.


Charlamagne is married to his wife, Jessica Gadsden, a fitness coach and personal trainer. They met when they were sixteen and have already been together for twenty-four years.

Charlamagne’s wife, Jessica, was there when Charlamagne got his first job in radio, and she was the one who drove him to the radio station to fill in his application. During interviews, Charlamagne has been very open about their relationship and how he often feels like he is not deserving of Jessica’s love.

In other interviews, he even admits to raping his wife when they were younger because he didn’t know having sex with an unconscious woman was classed as rape at the time. Despite being together for so long, the couple only decided to marry eight years ago.

This proceeded to Charlamagne admitting to being unfaithful on his show, The Breakfast Club. One of his daughters had asked why him why Charlamagne and Jessica were not married, so he decided to take a positive step forward and declare his commitment to Jessica.

A look at Charlamagne’s Past Relationships

Charlamagne has been very open about his unfaithfulness in the past. He even gives men advice on how to cheat without getting caught in an exclusive blog on Vibe. However, at the end of this blog, he does try to explain that all the information he had gathered was on a second-hand basis.

Kevin Hunter, who used to deal with the business side of things for Charlamagne, has explained Charlamagne’s reasons for keeping Jessica out of the media limelight. Charlamagne says it’s to protect his family, but Hunter claims it is so that Charlamagne can continue to have affairs.

Apparently, Charlamagne used to get jealous when women, such as Sharina Hudson, would choose Hunter over Charlamagne, even though both men were married. On his radio show, The Breakfast Club, he claims he has been faithful to Jessica since 2016.

During his radio show, Charlamagne often tries to get women to forgive their partners for cheating, such as in an interview with Kehlani when he asks her to try to forgive YG for a ‘little cheating.’ He also tried to push his cheating ways onto Post Malone during an interview when he told Post Malone’s girlfriend that he would only manage to be good for seventy-five percent of the time.

Both situations suggest that he has cheated multiple times and expects to be forgiven for it. 

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