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Is Carl Higbie Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Past Relationships.

Image of Carl Higbie

Carlton Milo Higbie IV, also known as Carl Higbie, is a famous American author and political activist from Greenwich, Connecticut, United States of America. The 38-year-old dropped out of high school and joined the United States Navy in 2005.

During his time in the navy, he wrote a book, Battle on the Home Front: A Navy SEAL’s Mission to Save the American Dream. Carl, in 2014, ran for Connecticut’s 4th District in the House of Representatives, but he lost the race to Democrat Jim Himes.

His books mainly talk about politics and war. In 2016, he wrote another, Enemies, Foreign and Domestic: A SEAL’s Story. To know more about Carl Higbie’s wife, keep reading! 

Who is Carl Higbie’s wife?

Image of Carl Higbie
Carl Higbie is an American conservative political activist, author, and former U.S. Navy SEAL.

Carl Higbie does not like to disclose information about his current wife, either her name or identity. She remains alien to the public’s eyes. Not much information has been revealed regarding his wife, only that they are allegedly married and share a child.

We will update this article once information about Carl Higbie’s wife becomes available, so stay tuned! 

Their Relationship

Following Carl’s divorce from his ex-wife Kaitlyn, he eventually moved on and met his current wife. They assumedly dated for a while before settling down in marriage.

The two love birds were blessed with a beautiful child, a son whom they named Ben. Carl likes to post pictures of his son on his Instagram social media platform, showcasing how he spends quality time with him when he returns home.

However, he has never shared anything regarding his wife, and he prefers to keep it at that for the rest of his life.

A look at Carl Higbie’s Past Relationships

Image of Carl Higbie with his ex-wife, Kaitlyn Caruso
Carl Higbie with his ex-wife, Kaitlyn Caruso

Carl Higbie has been married twice in his entire lifetime. His first wife is named Kaitlyn Marie Caruso, and they were married on the 5th of July 2008 for a period from 2008 to 2016. They married in New Rochelle, New York, United States of America.

The two ex-married couples were blessed with one kid during their marriage, a daughter whom they named Mackenzie. Mackenzie was born in 2013 and will be turning nine this year.

Unfortunately, their marriage did not work out, and they had to divorce. After the divorce, Carl met his current wife, got married, and started a new family with her. Currently, Kaitlyn works at Stamford Hospital as an emergency nurse, and she got engaged to Matthew DeForest.

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