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Is Carl Brashear Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Carl Brashear

Carl Maxie Brashear, commonly known as Carl Brashear, served in the United States Navy at one point in his life. Even though his left leg had to be amputated in 1966, he established himself as a master diver by 1970.

His life served as the inspiration for the movie Men of Honor. Between the years 1937 and 1946, Carl was a student at Sonora Grade School.

On February 25, 1948, Carl enlisted in the US Navy, four months before President Harry S. Truman desegregated the armed forces. And after six years, he received his diploma from the U. S. Navy Diving and Salvage School, making him the first African-American to enroll and graduate from the Diving and Salvage School.

He was among the first African-Americans to serve as divers in the United States Navy. Do you want to know Carl Brashear’s wife, was he married to a wife? And also, his ex-wife and kids? Then continue reading to learn more.

Is Carl Brashear Married to a wife?

Image of Carl Brashear
Carl Brashear was a United States Navy sailor. He used to be a master diver.

Regrettably, there is not any information available. Although it’s possible that Carl had a wife before he passed away, the public believes that he was unmarried until his death.

This is because he has not disclosed any information about his wife or girlfriend to the general public. Continue reading because we will discuss the three different women he has been married to in the following sections.

Carl Barasher’s Dating History

 I. Junetta Wilcoxson 

Image of Carl Brashear's first wife, Junetta Wilcoxson
Carl Brashear’s first wife, Junetta Wilcoxson

She was the first wife of Carl Brashear, who served in the United States Navy. They tied the knot in 1952 and remained married for more than twenty years after the wedding.

Unfortunately, it is unknown where they first encountered one another; nonetheless, it is known to the public that when Junetta was a young woman, she suddenly grabbed the eye of a young and strapping sailor Carl Brashear.

They were planning to marry shortly and start a new chapter in their lives as a military family and went on to have children named Shazanta, Dawayne, Phillip, and Patrick after themselves. The woman who once was Carl Brashear’s wife was a committed wife and mother.

She took great satisfaction in the fact that she could successfully juggle the responsibilities of raising a family while still maintaining a successful career and being involved in her community. Even though they loved one another very profoundly, the fact that their marriage, like all marriages, had its ups and downs led to their eventual decision to divorce in the year 1978, which is still a mystery today.

II. Hattie R. Elam

 Carl met Hattie, the woman he would later marry for the second time, after he had finalized the divorce from his first wife, Junetta. It is known to the public that Carl wed her in 1980, but there is not much other information about their married life available to the general public.

Nevertheless, just like any different marriage, it had its share of difficulties, and in the year 1983, they decided to end their love for a reason that is a mystery until today. 

III. Jeanette A. Brundage

 Carl will soon meet Jeannette, the woman he will marry for the third time, shortly after finalizing the divorce from Hattie, his second wife. The couple got married in the year of 1985.

However, just like his last marriage, this one did not succeed, and in 1987 they divorced, with the reason for the divorce being a complete mystery.

Carl Brashear’s Kids

 I. Shazanta Brashear

 he was the first son of the US navy Carl Brashear with his first wife, Junetta. Shazanta was born in 1955 and passed away at the age of 11.

II. DaWayne Brashear

 He is the second son of Carl with his first wife, Junetta. DaWayne was born on June 16, 1957, and recently turned 65.

III. Phillip M. Brashear

 He is the third son of the US navy Carl with his first wife, Junetta. Phillip was born on July 4, 1962, and will turn 60 this year.

IV. Patrick S. Brashear

 He is Carl’s youngest and fourth son with his first wife, Junetta. Patrick was born on July 31, 1964, and will turn 58 next month.

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