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Carin Leon is Married to Wife: Alenjandra Esquer.

Image of Carin Leon with his partner ,Alejandra Esquer

Oscar Armando Diaz De Leon Huez is a famous Mexican singer-songwriter and guitarist from Hermosillo. He is popularly known by his nickname, ‘Carin Leon’.

Oscar mainly composes songs for genres such as norteno-banda, reggaeton, campirano, mariachi, corrido, and other Mexican genres. He has released numerous albums and singles in his entire music career and profession.

He has also collaborated with other artists like Juan Miguel, Luis Diaz, Luis Araujo, David Moreno, Eduardo Herrera, Braulio Loustaunau, and many others. He is also a multi-award-winning musician artist.

Carin shares his music on his social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Shazam, Spotify, and Deezer. If you want to know more about Carin Leon’s wife, relationships, and past, keep reading! 

Carin Leon’s Wife Alejandra Esquer 

Image of Carin Leon with his partner ,Alejandra Esquer
Carin Leon with his partner ,Alejandra Esquer

Isabel Alejandra Esquer is famously known as the wife of singer-songwriter Carin Leon. Her exact birth date is not known. However, she is alleged to be in her mid-30s.

She is also of Mexican origin, similar to her husband. Her educational background has also not been revealed to the public.

Looking at her occupation, Carin Leon’s wife works as a model and is an internet personality. Alejandra currently has a following of more than ninety thousand people on her Instagram platform.

However, she does not like disclosing her personal life to everyone and thus has kept her account private, only accessible to those she approves. Alejandra is a big supporter of her husband’s profession and is frequently seen attending his concerts and events.

From her Instagram posts, you can tell that she likes to spend a lot of time with her family and that she loves to travel a lot too.

Their Relationship

It has not been revealed the exact date and moment when Carin Leon and Alejandra Esquer first met. According to an Instagram post made by Carin Leon, the couple seems to have wedded each other around late November or early December in 2021.

They had their wedding ceremony at Hermosillo, Sonora. Both of them posted the events of their wedding ceremony on their respective Instagram accounts. The two love birds were blessed with two sons during their marriage life. Not much information has been revealed to the public regarding their children.

A look at Carin Leon’s Past Relationships

Carin Leon is very secretive about his personal life and former relationships, and dating experiences. He does not like to speak about them and instead focuses more on his current family, his wife, and their two sons.

However, he was likely in at least one previous relationship before meeting his wife. Conclusively, he has only been engaged and married once in his entire life to his only wife, Isabel Alejandra Esquer.

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