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Is Can Yaman Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend.

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Image of Can Yaman

Can Yaman is a Turkish star because of his excellent acting skills. He started as a model and eventually got into acting.

The Turkish actor was born on the 8th of November in 1989. He grew up in Istanbul, Turkey, under the guidance of his parents.

During his youth, Can was an excellent student. He was at the top of the class when studying in the Liceo Italiano di Istanbul.

His acting career began in 2014 when he was cast in the show Gonui Isleri. The famous artist won a Golden Butterfly Award in 2018 because of his work as Erkenci Kus.

He also got cast as the main character in Bay Yanlış as Özgür Atasoy. The show was critically acclaimed and loved by the international media.

The actor also does charity work. In 2022, Yaman was awarded by the Monte-Carlo Film Festival of Comedie for helping communities that are struggling financially.

With the busy career of the actor, does he have time to have a partner? We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding the relationship status of Can Yaman.

Can Yaman Married to a Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend.

Image of Can Yaman
Can Yaman is a known Turkish actor. He is best known for his role in Best Romantic Comedy as “Erkenci Kus.”

The Turkish tv celebrity is a chick magnet. Because of this, he has been in different relationships throughout his career.

Although it may seem that he has a partner, Can Yaman is currently single. The award-winning actor is still finding his other half.

He said that he wants to focus on his career before loving again. It is known that the actor was previously in a relationship that ended badly.

Can Yaman was dating the Italian celebrity Diletta Leotta. At first, the two were having fun together and were often seen going out to party.

But, as time went on, the lovely Italian woman got tired of Yaman’s lifestyle. She revealed that she could not take it anymore, and it was getting harder because, according to her, Can live an excessive life.

Also, before their eventual split, the Turkish man asked Diletta’s hand for marriage. But unfortunately, the Italian woman declined because she feared they were going too fast.

Diletta nearly became Can Yaman’s wife. But they were not meant for each other to be married.

Sadly, this resulted in their break up, and ever since then, and the two did not speak with each other again. Fans are saddened about the break up.

Supporters thought that they already know who Can Yaman’s wife was. But they had to wait to find out who Can Yaman’s wife would eventually be.

Who is Diletta Leotta?

Image of Can Yaman with his ex-girlfriend, Diletta Leotta
Can Yaman with his ex-girlfriend, Diletta Leotta

The Turkish actor is well-known worldwide because of his amazing looks and great physique. So, it comes as no surprise that his partner is beautiful.

Can Yaman’s ex-girlfriend is Diletta Leotta. She is almost Can Yaman’s wife.

Unfortunately, the two did not have the ending that they wanted. She is an Italian woman born on August 16, 1991.

Like her previous partner, Diletta is a celebrity as well. The lovely woman is a famous tv personality in Sicily.

She is also a television presenter for Serie A and Serie B on Sky Sports Italy. Leotta is also a host.

In 2018, she hosted the show 105 Take Away with Aida Yespica. She also hosted Miss Italia 2018 alongside Francesco Facchinetti.

Although she is a tv personality, there is not much information about her private life.

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