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Butterbean is Married to Wife: Libby Gaskin. Kids.

Image of Butterbean with his wife, Libby Gaskin

Eric Scott Esch, commonly known as Butterbean, is a former heavyweight competitor in professional boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling in the United States. He is most recognized for his work in the boxing and wrestling industries.

He is also known as an actor, having made appearances on several shows and being mentioned in many others. After a successful run on the Toughman Contest circuit, Esch decided to pursue a career as a professional boxer in 1994.

He went on to win the heavyweight championship of the WAA as well as the super heavyweight championship of the IBA. Beginning in 2003, he competed regularly as a kickboxer and mixed martial artist, most notably in the K-1 and Pride Fighting Championships.

Butterbean has a combined record of 97 wins, 24 losses, and five draws, with precisely 65 knockouts and nine submits. Do you want to know Butterbean’s Wife, Libby Gaskin? Her biography and their kids together? Then read more to find out.

Butterbean and Libby Gaskin’s Married life

Image of Butterbean
Butterbean is an American retired professional boxer, kickboxer, mixed martial artist, and professional wrestler.

Many individuals are interested in learning about Eric Butterbean’s marital status, namely whether or not he is married. A reputable online resource claims that Eric Butterbean is already married to Libby Gaskin.

Due to the lack of information on their wedding, we may assume that the couple is low-key and does not want the public to know any specifics about their private lives or their married life. The public does not know how Eric initially became acquainted with his future wife, Libby, or when they decided to become a couple.

Neither of these details is known. It is also unknown exactly when they went ahead and were married.

There hasn’t been any news of the couple breaking up until now, which makes it pretty evident that their love is as strong as it has ever been. Despite this, you don’t need to worry about this because there hasn’t been any rumor of the two breaking up until now.

In addition, the couple is parents to three children: sons Brandon and Caleb Esch and a daughter named Grace Esch. The father’s sons have followed in his footsteps as professional mixed martial artists.

Libby Gabskin’s Biography

She is the mother of Butterbean’s three children, whose names are Brandon, Grace, and Caleb, and the wife of a former heavyweight fighter named Butterbean. As a result of Butterbean’s Wife’s refusal to divulge any information, the public cannot obtain any details on the subject, including her birth date, her parents, or her line of work.

Despite this, she has an Instagram account; however, since it is set to private, it is clear that Butterbean’s Wife is not the type who enjoys being in the spotlight. You can find her Instagram here.

Butterbean’s Kids

 I. Brandon Esch

 He is the son of the former heavyweight competitor Butterbean and his wife, Libby. Unfortunately, there is no information in public about Brandon’s birth date and age. But it is known that he also does MMA and has a fight record of 0 wins and three losses.

II. Grace Esch

 She is the only daughter of Butterbean and his wife, Libby. Sadly, her birthdate and age are also unavailable.  

III. Caleb Esch

 He is the son of the professional boxer Butterbean with his wife, Libby. Like his brother and father, he also does MMA and has a record of 1 win and four losses, according to this site.

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