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Is Buck Owens Married to Wife? 

Image of Buck Owens

Buck Owens is a legendary American singer that peaked in the 60s. His style was revolutionary, and he had more than twenty songs to top the Billboard country music charts.

But his career did not end in singing. He also hosted a show titled  Hee Haw, where he showed his talent in comedy and hosting alongside Roy Clark.

Check this out! Learn more about singer Buck Owens and his wife, married life, and kids.

Is Buck Owens Married to Wife? 

Image of Buck Owens
Buck Owens is an American musician, singer, and songwriter. He is also known as the band leader of Buck Owens and the Buckaroos.

The legendary American singer was a massive factor for couples in America during the 60s because of his love songs that would capture the hearts of many. But Buck died single in 2006.

Although he was married four times, he was confirmed as a single man on his death bed. Despite this being the case, Owens died a happy and satisfied man.

Buck Owens’ Previous Relationships

The legendary American singer-songwriter had an extraordinary career during his heyday in the 60s. Because of his inborn skills and good looks, it may be no surprise that Buck was a chick magnet during his youth.

Because of this, he was in marriage four times. His first try at a marital relationship was with fellow American singer and celebrity Bonnie Campbell Owens.

Bonnie was a darling during the 60s. Buck Owens’ wife was one of the rising stars who many young girls looked up to at the time.

She released singles that would top the charts at their peak. Their relationship resulted in the birth of their two sons.

But only after three years of marriage do the two decide to separate. The divorce happened in 1951, and a few years after, Buck found love again.

He married again in 1956. Buck Owens’ wife at the time was Phyllis Buford.

Buck Owens’ wife Phyllis and he had a son together but still separated after a few years. The singer sought love again and found it with Jana Jae Greif.

Jana is a singer as well. She played bluegrass fiddle with American country as her genre.

The two married in 1977 and filed for annulment within less than a week. But they decided to turn it over and had a back and forth relationship.

In the end, they divorced, and the American singer went to marry again. His last wife was Jennifer Smith, whom he married in 1979.

She was the longest relationship of the legendary singer. But in 2002, a few years before his death, Buck and Jennifer divorced.

Buck Owens’ Kids

After four marriages in his lifetime, the legendary American singer was in-charge of three kids. His first two kids came with Buck Owens’ first wife, Bonnie Campbell Owens.

The information of Buck’s first son is not revealed to the public, but his other son from his first marriage is Buddy Alan. Buddy went on to follow in the footsteps of his father.

He also became a singer and collaborated with Buck on some of his songs. The father and son duo sang different musical pieces together in their career.

After their divorce in 1951, buck remarried and had another kid with Phyllis Buford. His third and last son was not shared with the public and remained a secret for privacy and safety reasons.

After a long life on earth, we can say that Buck had a fruitful life and successfully raised his kids to follow in his footsteps as a great singer.

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