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Is Bruce Bruce Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Bruce Bruce

Bruce Church, popularly known as ‘Bruce Bruce’, is a famous American stand-up comedian and actor from Atlanta. He has been featured in films such as The Wash, Hair Show, Larry the Cable Guy, Idlewild, Think Like a Man, Top Five, Maron, Who’s Your Caddy?, XXX: State of the Union, and ComicView. Another interesting fact about Bruce is that he was featured in Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits as a spokesman.

Currently, he is going on tours across states doing shows in different comedy clubs. He is set to be on stage on the 29th of April 2022 at the Richmond Funny Bone comedy club.

Who is Bruce Bruce’s Wife?

Image of Bruce Bruce
Bruce Bruce is an American actor and a stand-up comedian.

Bruce Bruce is remarried to a second wife who remains unknown to the public. No details have been revealed concerning her name, where she was born, her educational background, or even her current occupation.

The only information relied on is Bruce’s claims that he is remarried and finally at a happy place in his relationship. This spiked up many rumors as people wondered why he never wanted to disclose his family details.

Some even termed him as being gay, regardless of the evidence to support their claims. He has never posted any pictures with his wife or children, and it seems that this would go on for an extended period. We are still hopeful that we shall at least get a glimpse of his new wife and get to know more about her.

A look at Bruce Bruce’s Relationship

As a result of his tragic failed past marriage, Bruce has remained silent and private about his current marriage relationship. Not much is known about his current relationship; however, it is alleged that they married 26 years after his first divorce.

He has always been mentioning how happy he is in his current relationship and that they have both been traveling to romantic getaways together. Unfortunately, it is not sure whether Bruce has other kids with his new wife as he has never disclosed any information regarding them.

Bruce Bruce’s Past Relationships

He had been married once before he finally met his current wife. Not much detail has been revealed concerning his ex-wife.

She has an American nationality and a mixed ethnic background of African-American. The ex-couple were blessed with three kids together.

Unfortunately, the two separated due to disagreements concerning Bruce’s weight. This affected him psychologically, physically, emotionally, and mentally and he started working out to lose more weight.

Before his divorce, he measured 110 kilograms, but after he started his weight loss journey, he lost around 40 kilograms which brought him to 70 kilograms. Regarding his ex-wife, after their divorce, she has been in five more marriages, all of which have drastically failed.

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