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Bruce Blakeman is Married to Wife: Segal Magori. Kids.

Image of Bruce Blakeman with his wife, Segal Magori

Bruce Blakeman is a renowned politician from the USA. Currently, he is acting as the 10th county executive of Nassau County, which is located in the state of New York.

In the 2021 election, he was victorious and defeated the Democratic incumbent Laura Curran to win the election. In the past, he has held positions as a Legislator for Nassau County and as a Town Councilman in Hempstead, in addition to serving as a Commissioner for the New York-New Jersey Port Authority.

In 2010, Bruce stood for the seat of United States Senator for the State of NY after Hillary Clinton vacated the position to become Secretary of State of the US, resulting in a special election. Following the announcement that Carolyn McCarthy would be retiring, Bruce competed for the available seat in the 4th congressional district in the election that took place in 2014.

Do you want to know Bruce Blakeman’s wife, Segal Magori? Her biography and their kids? Then Find out by reading more.

Bruce Blakeman and Segal Magori’s Marriage 

Image of Bruce Blakeman with his wife, Segal Magori

Bruce Blakeman with his wife, Segal Magori

At the Southampton Historical Museum, where approximately two hundred guests were present, Blakeman exchanged vows with his wife, Segal Magori. In August of 2017, Blakeman made his proposal to Segal in Israel at the kosher Italian restaurant Gabriela, in front of Segal’s mother and other family members.

The couple’s wedding celebration was held at the famous restaurant 75 Main in Southampton. Not much information is available to the public about their married life because neither of the couples shared any information about their marriage on the internet. Despite this, there has been no speculation or rumor concerning the couple until this point, and despite the passage of time, their marriage shows no signs of weakening.

Segal Magori’s Biography

She is the mother of his children and the wife of the well-known Politician Bruce Blakeman. During her twenty-year legal career, Segal has represented clients in various legal problems before several levels of court, including appellate courts, state courts, and federal courts.

Because of her expertise in business and finance, Bruce Blakeman’s wife can provide her clients with worldwide financial solution plans that include provisions for issues such as child support and alimony.

It is speculated that Bruce Blakeman’s wife is between 30 and 40, as her exact birth date details are unavailable. Segal was born and raised in the US, and she has been employed in the legal system of the United States since she was a young adult.

Earlier in her career, she represented companies worldwide in complex commercial disputes involving multiple countries and millions of dollars. As a result of these cases, Bruce Blakeman’s wife honed a persuasive approach that is both unique and effective.

In addition, Segal was afforded the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve as the principal legal clerk to a Supreme Court Judge in the Matrimonial Center of Nassau County.

Bruce Blakeman’s Kids

 I. Arlen Blakeman

 He is the only kid and son of the renowned Politician Bruce and his wife, Segal. Unfortunately, Arlen’s birthdate and age are unavailable.

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