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Brian Snitker is Married to Wife: Veronika Snitker. Kids.

Image of Brian Snitker

Brian Gerald Snitker, commonly known as Brian Snitker, is a renowned baseball coach and former player from the USA. Currently, he serves as the Major League Baseball team manager of the Atlanta Braves.

Since his playing days with the Braves’ minor league affiliate from 1977 until 1980, Snitker has been a part of the Braves organization in various capacities. In 2016, the renowned baseball coach was given the title of manager.

In 2021, Brian helped and coached the Braves and won the World Series under his direction. In 1975, Brian was a baseball player for Lincoln College, where he spent two seasons competing at the junior college level.

Brian was born in Decatur, Illinois, on October 17, 1955, and will turn 66 this year. He was raised by his parents, Catherine (mother) and Richard F. Snitker (father), in Macon, Illinois. 

Do you want to know Brian Snitker’s wife, Veroinica Snitker? Her Biography and their kids? Then find out by reading more.

Brian Snitker and Veroinica Snitker’s Married life

Image of Brian Snitker
Brian Snitker is an American professional baseball coach. He used to play Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball. Snitker

Brian Snitker is married to his wife, Veronica. Unfortunately, the date of their marriage is still unknown to the public. But it is speculated that they have been married for more than two decades.

The two individuals had never met before the blind date arranged by Brian’s roommate, Cito Gaston. Even though the pair have little in common, they began dating.

Furthermore, Brian disclosed in one of the interviews that, after living in the same house for a few years, he and his wife Veronica were dangerously close to deciding to end their relationship. Despite this, the couple remained together and eventually exchanged their marriage vows.

As of this moment, the pair is still together and has a solid connection. In addition, Brian’s marriage to Veronica resulted in the birth of two children, a son named Tron and a daughter named Erin.

Veroinica Snitker’s Biography

Veronica Snitker worked as a speech pathologist in a primary school when she was in the profession. She was previously known as Veronica M. Sylvester before marrying the renowned baseball coach Brian Snitker.

She was raised by her parents, whose identities are not available in Verona, Pennsylvania, and was born on August 15, 1956, and is currently 65 years old. In addition, Brian Snitker’s wife completed her studies at Georgia State University and received a degree in speech pathology and audiology due to her efforts.

Veronica is officially retired from her field of work as of this moment. In addition, Brian Snitker’s wife takes care of her grandchildren full-time.

Veronica has managed to avoid the media’s spotlight, although her husband is one of the most famous managers in baseball. In addition to that, she does not post very frequently on any of her social media handles.   

Brian Snitker’s Kids 

 I. Troy Snitker

 He is the eldest child and only son of the renowned baseball coach Brian Snitker and his lovely wife, Veroinica. Troy was born on December 5, 1988, and will turn 38 this year. Just like his father, he is also a baseball player and was selected by Atlanta Braves in 2011.

II. Erin Snitker

 She is the youngest child and the only daughter of Brian and his wife, Veroinica. Unfortunately, no information is available on the internet about Erin’s birthdate and age.

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