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Brian Regan’s Previous Wife: Kathleen Regan and Kids

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Image of Brian Regan

Brian Regan, born Brian Joseph Regan, is a famous American stand-up comedian known for cleanly expressing his incredible humor.

He was born Brian Joseph Regan on the 2nd day of June 1958 in a Catholic American-Irish family. He is currently 63 years old in Miami, Florida, yet was raised in Winchester, Florida.

Widely known and respected for his performances, he is nicknamed “the comedian’s comedian.”

He attended Christopher Columbus High School in Miami and Heidelberg College in Ohio for college, where he was a wide receiver for their football team. Despite his plans of being an accountant, he pursued being a comedian because of one of his football coaches’ encouragement due to seeing talent in him in theater and communications.

Interested in knowing Brian Regan’s Wife and Kids? Carry on reading to get updated with the comedian’s exciting life!

Brian Regain was previously married to ex-wife Kathleen Regan


The star was formerly married to Kathleen Regan though the date of their marriage has not been shared. We know that they were reportedly divorced in 2011 due to unsaid reasons. Brian has not been engaged in any relationship since.

Kathleen Regan’s biography

Image of Brian Regan with his former partner, Kathleen Regan
Brian Regan with his former partner, Kathleen Regan

Kathleen Regan got her career started before when she got the role of Molly Cooley for the Legend of Lucy Keyes, a supernatural thriller.

Since being a part of SAG/AFRA since 2006, she had spent the earlier years of her acting career appearing in both TV/Film and national commercials. She is currently an incredible singer/songwriter despite having conflict with her parents for taking time off of school to convince them to pursue the dreams she is presently achieving.

Sadly, we have not found any Wikipedia-style profile of Kathleen Regan, but we will immediately update this article once we obtain and find one.

 Brian Regan’s Kids

Brian Regan has two kids from his previous marriage with Kathleen Regan. They have a son named Chris and a daughter who are now both adults.

He has shared some intimate moments with his children as time goes by, but because of Brian and Kathleen’s take on life, most of their children’s information has not been disclosed in public.

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