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Brian Geraghty is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Genesis Rodriguez.

Image of Brian Geraghty with his partner, Genesis Rodriguez

Brian Timothy Geraghty is a famous American actor who has been in the film industry since 1999. He is commonly known for featuring in movies and television shows such as Petty Crimes, Cruel World, The Elder Son, An American Crime, The Chameleon, Open House, Ass Backwards, Kilimanjaro, Law & Order, Chicago PD, The Fugitive, and Big Sky.

For his performances, he has won awards from Gotham and Washington DC Area Film Critics Association awards and has received numerous other nominations. The professional actor currently resides in Los Angeles as he continues to focus on his career.

Keep reading to know more about Brian Geraghty’s wife, his relationships, and more!

Brian Geraghty’s Partner, Genesis Rodriguez Biography

Image of Brian Geraghty with his partner, Genesis Rodriguez

Brian Geraghty with his partner, Genesis Rodriguez

Brian Geraghty has never been officially and legally married. However, he is allegedly dating famous actress and model Genesis Rodriguez.

Genesis was born on the 29th of July 1987 in Miami, Florida, United States of America.  Brian Geraghty’s wife comes from a mixed ethnic background as her father is Venezuelan and her mother is Cuban.

She has been featured in many shows and movie films like Man on a Ledge, The Last Stand, Identity Thief, Big Hero 6, Yoga Hosers, Centigrade, Prisionera, Made in Hollywood, and The Passage, The Fugitive and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.  She has also been featured in Romeo Santo’s music video for his song H`eroe Favorito and in the Kingdom Hearts III video game. 

How did they meet?

The relationship between Brian and Genesis had been low-key for a while before it finally came into the limelight around mid-September in 2021. The two are co-cast members on the show The Fugitive, and it has been rumored that since they began working together, they grew close to each other.

Brian has been seen posting pictures and videos of him being together with Genesis by the beach and chilling on his Instagram social media platform. This has been happening for quite some time, but the two have never confirmed their supposed relationship.

It is safe to assume that they are very close friends who are attached, but it is yet to be revealed whether they are finally official.

A look at Brian Geraghty’s Past Relationships

Before he met Amber Kekich, Brian had been in three former relationships. His first girlfriend was American actress Laura Ramsey, who he started dating in 2009.

Their relationship, however, only lasted a year as they separated due to unknown reasons. Currently, she is alleged to be in a relationship with Greg Chait.

After breaking up with Amber, Brian went along and got into another relationship with a famous actress and model, Krysten Ritter. Here, they dated from 2011 to 2013, when they both decided that they could not continue with their relationship.

Krysten is now in a relationship with Adam Granduciel. Brian was also dating Spanish model Amber Kekich around 2016, but this also did not last.

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