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Brian Cage is Married to Wife: Melissa Santos Cage. Kids.

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Image of Brian Cage with his wife, Melissa Cage

More commonly addressed by his stage name, Brian Cage or Brian Cristopher Button is an American wrestler, entertainer, and bodybuilder, who currently appears on different shows of All Elite Wrestling or AEW. He first entered the ring in 2005, after following his childhood dream of fighting people professionally.

Cage briefly competed in the top pro wrestling promotion in the country, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), in 2008. Throughout his extensive experience of almost two decades, he fought with amateur and professional athletes in different leagues and has an impressive record of over 300 matches and victories alike.

His brute force and toned body helped our subject catch his fans’ support and attention, but outside the competition, he is also loved by a special someone. Check out this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about Brian Cage’s wife and family.

Brian Cage has been married to Melissa Cage since 2019

Image of Brian Cage with his wife, Melissa Cage
Brian Cage with his wife, Melissa Cage

The wrestling sensation has been happily married to the love of his life named Melissa Santos Cage, since the 11th of July, 2019. The couple met, and Brian Cage’s wife started him dating in 2016, and they have been supportive and caring to each other ever since.

They brought their relationship to another level when they welcomed their daughter in 2018. The AEW star often shows his affection to his spouse publicly, may it be on his social media accounts and even on a proposal during a live broadcast of his fight.

There are no negative issues or allegations about their relationship.

Brian Cage’s Past Relationships

Before his marriage to his current partner, the grappler was once married to a woman whose name is not publicly disclosed. Could she be another Brian Cage’s wife?

It is said that they have been married around 2010 but immediately separated due to unknown reasons. The past partners have been blessed with a son during their married life.

Melissa Cage’s Short Biography

Melissa Santos Cage will be age 38 this year as she came into this world on the 17th of May, 1984, in Los Angeles, California, where she was also raised by her parents, whose names are not publicly disclosed, together with her older siblings. Like his famous husband, she also takes a spot in front of the limelight as she is a known actress and voice talent.

Brian Cage’s wife starred in various hit films such as Lucha Underground (2014) and Disney’s animated movie Coco (2017). Melissa also appeared on the AEW as a side character and commentator.

She takes her time off on the big screen and focuses on being a full-time mother to her baby. Because of her celebrity status, the Hollywood actress is pretty famous on Instagram, with over 150,000 followers.

She sits comfortably at her home with an estimated $1 million net worth from royalties of her previous projects.

Brian Cage’s Kids

The veteran fighter has a kid from his past and present relationships. His eldest child is his son from his first marriage named, Noah Wycoff, who is around eight years old.

There is not much information about him because his mother keeps his records and personal details away from the public. The recent child of the AEW star is Skylar Faith Button, and she was welcomed by her parents in 2018, which led her parents to decide to get married.

She is now a bubbly 4-year-old toddler.

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