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Brandon Walker is Married to Wife. Kids: Tommy

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Image of Brandon Walker

Brandon Walker is a sports gambling analyst, who is well known for working first at MyBookie, then Barstool Sports.

After graduating from college in Mississippi, he went straight into writing.

For years, Brandon struggled to get a job writing for larger publications, but he didn’t let this get him down.

After spending time in lower-paid jobs, Walker eventually got his break when Barstool Sports offered him a full-time job.

He was particularly ecstatic to accept this job because the company does not censor or control what is said in front of the camera.

His dedication to his job is very clear, as he continues to work and film interviews, even when he is ill.

The perks of his job include meeting a variety of sports celebrities and flying around America on private jets.

Brandon Walker’s Current Wife

Image of Brandon Walker
Brandon Walker is an Australian rules football player who plays for Fremantle in the Australian Football League

Brandon Walker is happily married with five children and a cat named Fluffy.

He often talks about his family on social media; however, he is continually careful not to reveal their identities.

Walker’s wife has always been supportive of his career, even when he struggled to find work as a writer after graduating.

When Brandon received the BarStool job offer, he revealed that he was not sure how his wife would respond, as it involved a move to New York.

Nevertheless, she continued to be a supportive wife by congratulating Brandon on his big break and began plans to move the family to the big apple the next day.

A look at his relationship, and family

The Covid pandemic posed difficulties for many couples as they faced staying at home with each other, twenty-four hours, seven days a week.

However, the Walkers went from strength to strength.

Brandon admitted on social media that he and his wife had been brought closer together and shared deep conversations with each other.

He then continued to joke that she had asked him serious questions, such as asking him to take a walk, showing that they are still able to joke around in their relationship.

Walker prefers to keep his children out of the limelight and therefore very little is known about them.

His youngest child was born in 2020, after Brandon shared a post on social media which jested towards there not being much of a difference between having four and five children, in December 2019.

However, he has revealed on social media that his house is not always peaceful.

As he compared his children playing together with an intense Wrestle Mania match when his wife leaves the room.

Brandon has occasionally spoken about his son, Tommy, who has taken an interest in the work that he does.

Sometimes, Tommy would sit down next to Brandon whilst he was working and try to assist him.

Now Tommy is a little older, he has told Brandon that he would like to follow in his father’s footsteps and start his own video show.

Brandon quietly hopes that Tommy will become an even bigger star than himself and is very happy to support him in fulfilling his dream.

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