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Bobby Plager is Married to Wife: Robyn Sher. Past Relationships.

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Image of Bob Plager

Robert Bryant Plager, also known as Bobby Plager, was famously known as an ice hockey player who mostly played the defence position for the St. Louis Blues at the National Hockey League.

Bobby was originally born and raised in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada.

Before he started playing for the Blues, he used to play as a junior for Guelph Royals and Guelph Biltmore Mad Hatters.

He then played professionally for the New York rangers from 1964 and eventually got transferred to the St. louis Blues team in 1967 where he played till 1978.

Image of Bob PlagerBob Plager was a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman who played in the National Hockey League for 14 seasons

Bobby Plager is Married to Robyn Sher


The player was married to a Jewish hospital secretary called Robyn Sher.

The two first met while Plager was admitted at Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.

After their initial interaction, they’d date for a period of two years.

Interestingly,t Robyn got engaged during one of Bobby’s matches.

At the end of the match, he walked over to his wife-to-be and proposed to her.

The two lovebirds finally got married in 1978 after he had retired from playing ice hockey.

Remarkably, Bobby had to convert to Judaism for some time.

Throughout the course of their marriage, they were blessed with two children, a daughter and a son named Melissa and Bobby respectively.

The two were in a happy marriage, but unfortunately, he succumbed to a cardiac arrest while driving on the 24th of March in 2021.

Thus, Robyn was left behind as a widow together with her kids.

Other than the fact that she was married to Bobby, there isn’t enough information about Robyn Sher.

A look at Bobby Plager’s Past Relationships

Not much information has been revealed concerning Bobby’s past relationship.

His personal life remained confidential and away from the public’s eyes and he only talked about his wife, Robyn Sher.

Whether he had any other girlfriends in his early life is still unknown and alien to the world at largeHowever sincece he was an athleer, it’s safe to say that Bobby had his fair share of romantic dalliances.

This is because hockey players are quite popular, especially among women.

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