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Is Blake Wilson Married to a Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Past Relationships.

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Image of Blake Wilson with his former partner, Jennifer Smith, and their kids

Blake Wilson or better known as Bat Dad, first gained prominence when he posted his videos on the internet imitating the famous superhero character called batman. He is a social media influencer whose content encourages children to eat more nutritious foods like vegetables and fruits and go to school while dressing up as Batman, which amused the kids.

When the website he was using to upload his videos called “Vine” got shut down, he moved to YouTube. As of 2022, his YouTube channel titled “Bat Dad and Family” has more than a hundred thousand subscribers.

Just like some other guys, Blake was also married once before. He has three daughters and one son named Kaya Wilson, Taylor Wilson, Sienna Wilson, and Ben Wilson.

Do you want to know more about the love life of the social media influencer Blake Wilson? Do you also want to know any details about his kids?

Just continue reading because we have more data for you.

Is Blake Wilson “Bat Dad” married to wife now in 2022?

Image of Blake Wilson with his former partner, Jennifer Smith
Blake Wilson with his former partner, Jennifer Smith

Some of the social media influencers, Blake Wilson’s fans, wonder if he is already dating or seeing someone after his divorce from his ex-wife, Jennifer Smith. Well, the answer is no. As stated by some reports, Bat Dad is single as of 2022.

He is not dating or seeing anyone. He is focusing on his career, which is being a content creator.

We won’t be seeing Blake Wilson’s wife in a while since he is solely enjoying his time and career while being a father at the same time.

We will surely update this write-up once Blake Wilson’s wife surfaces on the internet.

Previous relationship of Blake Wilson

Like this article mentioned above, Blake Wilson has been married once in his life. His former partner is Jennifer Smith.

Regrettably, any details on the early stage of Blake Wilson’s wife in the past, Jennifer, and her relationship with Blake are not accessible online. But based on some credible sources, the two have been dating for quite a long time after they decided to tie the knot sometime in 2003.

The ex-couple have been happily married to each other before, but just like some other couples, their relationship went on a rough part, which led them to separate and get divorced.

Blake Wilson’s Kids

Image of Blake Wilson with his kids, Taylor and Kaya Wilson
Blake Wilson with his kids, Taylor and Kaya Wilson

The American social media influencer Blake Wilson has four kids with his ex-wife, Jennifer. The first one is Taylor Wilson, born on the 24th day of 2004.

The second is Kaya Wilson, held on the 18th day of June 2007. Lastly, Sienna Wilson and Ben Wilson; were born on the 26th day of June 2010.

Sadly, any information about their early life and education is not revealed on social media yet.

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