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Billy Sorrells is Married to Wife: Courtney Sorrells. Kids.

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Image of Billy Sorrells with his children

Billy Sorrells is a prominent American actor, director, screenwriter, and comedian who started appearing on small and big screens in 2006. If you are a fan of the MTV gag show titled Wild ‘N Out, then you surely know him for his witty jokes and hilarious impersonating skills in both season 8 and season 14.

He also starred in different hit films such as Ladies for Rap (2012), Because I Love You (2012), and Love & Hip Hop (2011). Aside from acting, he also appeared in front of the camera as a game show host and extra for various music videos.

Having a great sense of humor helped Billy Sorrells gain a lot of fans and supporters. In this Wikipedia-type biography, let us tackle different details about his wife and children, and his supporters at home.

Who is Billy Sorells’ wife? Get to know her here.

Billy Sorrells has been Married to Courtney Sorrells since 2010s

Image of Billy Sorrells
Billy Sorrells is an American comedian, actor, and filmmaker

The prime comic is bond in a marriage with a non-celebrity woman named Courtney Sorrells. Billy Sorells’ wife has not disclosed the specific details about their wedding ceremony, but it was estimated that they had been married throughout the 2010s.

Many problems and controversies revolve around their relationship, stating that they are both victims of each other’s domestic abuse, physically and verbally. In 2021, the showbiz personality was seen without his wedding ring, which stirred a lot of stories among his fans and followers.

The partners are said to be legally divorced, but there is no concrete evidence to back up the claim except that they live separately now. Both of them got the chance to be parents after being blessed with three children.

Courtney Sorrells’ Short Biography

The wife of the comedy sensation is none other than Courtney Sorrells. Unlike her husband, who is used to appearing in the limelight, Billy Sorells’ wife, Courtney, seems to enjoy life by living it privately.

Because of that, there are no public records and information about her, at least on the internet. Although there are little known specific details about her personal life, it is seen that she is an African American and is around 30-ish years old.

Billy Sorells’ wife also committed herself to being a full-time mother to her three children. After getting reliable sources, other critical facts about her will be immediately inserted in this section.

Billy Sorrells’ Kids

Image of Billy Sorrells with his kids
Billy Sorrells with his kids

The Wild ‘N Out star is a father to her four lovely daughters, namely Blahir, Kylie, Amethyst, and Indigo. Based on the web-based pictures, it is estimated that they are all under ten years of age and are homeschooled.

As of now, the actor holds full custody of his daughters, per the court ruling. The kids also stated that they only feel safe when away from their abusive mother.

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