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Billy Kemper is Married to Wife: Tahiti Hernandez. 4 Kids.

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Image of Billy Kemper with his wife, Tahiti Hernandez

Billy Kemper is an American surfer widely known in the United States of America and many countries. He is known for being one of the great surfers in Hawaii.

In one of his interviews, he stated that he had been involved in surfing ever since he was a kid. He puts his soul, body, and heart into it.

Due to his skills in surfing. He has won a lot of various awards such as “The Sunset Open Champion” in 2018, “The WSL Big Wave World Champion” from 2017 to 2018, “The Peahi Challenge Champion, which he had won three times, “The Ride of the year” in 2014, etc.

Moreover, Billy Kemper is a married man. He has a very understanding wife and caring named Tahiti Hernandez.

They also have four kids. Wondering who is Billy Kemper’s wife? Do you also want to know who his kids are? Continue because we have more details for you.

Billy Kemper has been married to his wife Tahiti Hernandez since 2018

Image of Billy Kemper with his wife, Tahiti Hernandez
Billy Kemper with his wife, Tahiti Hernandez

According to some relevant sources, Billy Kemper’s wife and the athlete were both raised and born in Hawaii, so their fans assumed their love story started when they were teens. In short, the two are teenage lovers.

However, the speculation of their fans was confirmed when Tahiti uploaded some throwback pictures on her social media accounts. After dating for a long time, Billy and Tahiti decided to tie the knot on the 7th day of November 2018.

The two have been wedded to each other for three years now, and their relationship has been getting stronger and healthier each day that passes by.

Tahiti Hernandez’s Biography

Billy Kemper’s wife is Tahiti Hernandez. She is known as the sister of the famous singer and songwriter Bruno Mars.

Like her brother, Billy Kemper’s wife is also a singer. She is famous for being one of the girl group members called “The Lylas.”

Furthermore, as of 2022, Tahiti is turning 35 years old. She was born on the 2nd day of June 1987.

Billy Kemper’s Kids

Image of Billy Kemper and Tahiti Hernandez with their kids
Billy Kemper and Tahiti Hernandez with their kids

As mentioned above, Billy Kemper has four sons named Nyjah Music, Lion Rose, Zyah Rhythm, and Hazey Eric. Regrettably, any primary data like their birthday, age, and career are not available in this write-up as it hasn’t been revealed to the media yet.

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