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Bill Walton is Married to Wife: Lori Matsuoka

Image of Bill Walton with his wife, Lori Matsuoka

A former basketball player, Bill Walton, was considered a legend by players and coaches. His notoriety came from the plague injuries he experienced in the court throughout his career. Nevertheless, that did not stop him from returning to his track again.

His professional career started in 1974; Bill Walton was selected overall as the number one player by the Portland Trailblazers to play in NBA Draft. His team also joined in the championship in 1977. On top of that, he also won an award called NBA Most Valuable Player.

He continued to play, and then nine years later, he acquired a championship title with the Boston Celtics again. People call him a perfectionist whose skill span and dedication never failed to impress everyone who watched him play. However, a load of injuries robbed his love for his career, and he eventually rested from the path of being a basketball player.

Still, Bill Boston remained active on the court by coaching and being a television commentary. His broadcasting career began in 1990, served on Prime Ticket Network as an analyst. He later worked for CBS Sports in the early ’90s. Despite leaving the path he grew up with, a new opportunity has opened up and indeed saved him from getting back on his track.

Who is Bill Walton’s Wife? The article below answers the questions about his personal and romantic life.

Bill Walton has been Married to Wife, Lori Matsuoka since 1991

Image of Bill Walton with his wife, Lori Matsuoka
Bill Walton with his wife, Lori Matsuoka

Proceeding to Bill Walton’s wife, her name is Lori Matsuoka. According to sources, their courtship and long time together led to a beautiful marriage in 1991. The precise details on how they met nor the exact date on when the two tied a knot are not provided.

However, we can see that the couple is delighted with their lives of being together. Their married life did not loosen their bond as they have been partners for a long time.

Bill Walton’s Previous Relationships

Quick fact, Lori Matsuoka is not the only wife he had. Bill Walton had been married to a woman named Susan Guth. They tied a knot in 1979; sadly, after a decade in a marriage, they decided to part ways and filed for a divorce.

Susan Guth gained a name by being the ex-wife of a basketball player, Bill Guth. Information about the reason of their separation remained unknown. She is currently a freelancer.

Lori Matsuoka’s Biography

Moving on to Bill Walton’s wife, here are some facts you need to know about her. From her surname, Matsuoka, her Ethnicity is mixed with Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian. She was born in California and holds a degree in Sociology and Business.

Lori Matsuoka had worked in marketing and sales. As of now, she is writing inspirational blogs as her profession on She also has a good heart for charities as she supports non-profit organizations and fundraising campaigns.

Bill Walton’s Kids

After three decades of being in an intimate relationship, Bill Walton and Lori Matsuoka look like they still had no plan to have a child. However, Bill Walton had four children with his first wife.

His eldest son, Adam Whitecloud Walton, is taking a step forward to become a professional basketball player. A source stated that Adam Whitecloud Walton had played in National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Their second child is Nathan Walton; he once played for a basketball team and eventually left the path of becoming a basketball player. To our surprise, he is now a President of a company named SGS Holdings LLC.

The third son who won the NBA Finals in 2009 and 2010 is Luke Walton. He started coaching on Lakers in 2016—lastly, their youngest, Christopher Walton.

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