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Bill Bellamy is Married to Wife: Kristen Baker. Kids.

cImage of Bill Bellamy with his wife, Kristen Baker, and their kids, Baily Ivory Rose and Baron

An American actor and standup comedian, Bill Bellamy, people began recognizing him on HBO Russel Simmon’s Def Comedy Jam, where he is credited for saying the phrase “booty call” before being televised to the audience.

Bill Bellamy started his career when he performed as a comedian at that Rutgers University for the talent portion of a male beauty pageant. Bill Bellamy was given a role in the Fox Network Television show Fastlane with Peter Facinelli and Tiffani Thiessen. In 2005 he also starred as a voice actor in the video game NARC

He hosted numerous MTV programs for several years, including MYV Jamz and MTV Beach of House. Fled, Love Jones, Getting Played, and How to be a Player are just some of the movies he appeared on. He also starred as Skeeter on the Nickelodeon television show Cousin Skeeter.

Until now, Bill Bellamy is still active in his profession and currently working on TV One as a host and producer of Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Joke? He has so much experience as a comedian worthy enough of his popularity.

Who is Bill Bellamy’s Wife? The article below answers the questions about his personal and romantic life.

Bill Bellamy has been Married to his wife, Kristen Baker, since 2001

Image of Bill Bellamy with his wife, Kristen Baker
Bill Bellamy with his wife, Kristen Baker

An accomplished actress has captured the crown of being Bill Bellamy’s wife, and her name is Kristen Baker. The couple tied a knot in 2001 and have been since forever; netizens say that was like 50 years in Hollywood.

After completing her education, she entered an acting class for her first step in the entertainment industry, where she met his future husband in the same category. Now, Bill Bellamy and Kristen Baker have been married for two decades.

Bill Bellamy’s Past Relationships

There is no specific information regarding his dating history. His current partner might be his first girlfriend and wife since they have been together since they were young.

Still, there is no certainty if he had ever had a past relationship. He remained discreet on this matter and more focused on his career and family.

Kristen Baker’s Biography

Let us move on to knowing Bill Bellamy’s wife, Kristen Baker; people mostly know her from the movie The Fix in 2019, The Bounce in 2016, and Dinner at Tiffani’s in 2014. Aside from these, she also gained popularity from her other films and television series.

She made an acting debut in a movie called Born into Exile in 1997; since then, he began appearing in different films and shows. The majority of the fans also recognized her as the spouse of Bill Bellamy.

Bill Bellamy and Kristen Baker have been together for the last two decades; people say it is impossible for them to part ways as they stay stronger as time passes.

Bill Bellamy’s Kids

Image of Bill Bellamy with his wife, Kristen Baker, and their kids, Baily Ivory Rose and Baron
Bill Bellamy with his wife, Kristen Baker, and their kids, Baily Ivory Rose and Baron

Bill Bellamy and Kristen Baker are blessed with two mature children. Their daughter, Baily Ivory Rose, is now in college, and their son, Baron Bellamy, is also in college and loves to play basketball.

The couple shared how vital communication and connection are in the family, particularly in having a happy marriage. Bill Bellamy indicated that these simple steps are needed to prolong the relationship.

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