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Biagio Lazaric is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Kyla Yesenosky

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Image of Biagio Lazaric with his girlfriend, Kyla Yesenosky

Many people failed in life with the path they chose when they were young but redeemed themselves through social media, and one of them is Biagio Lazaric. He rose to fame after being recognized for his extraordinary pranks and a bit of lifestyle vlogging technique.

The famous vlogger was born in Yardley, Pennsylvania, the United States, on February 10, 1999, and is now 23. People have been following his videos for more than nine years, and Biagio has earned 600,000 followers on his YouTube account.

The social media influencer is also active on Instagram, and he gained 73,700 followers on his Instagram account. Many fans admired the vlogger because despite having a busy schedule in making content, he does not forget to appreciate the things he has achieved because of the fans who supported him.

With the amount of success he has by being a vlogger, many subscribers are eager to know if he has a partner that loves to be included in his videos. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Biagio Lazaric’s wife, partner, love life, and children.

Biagio Lazaric is not Married to Wife. Dating a Girlfriend: Kyla Yesenosky

Image of Biagio Lazaric with his girlfriend, Kyla Yesenosky
Biagio Lazaric with his girlfriend, Kyla Yesenosky

Being in the social media industry could be exhausting as you have to create impactful content that would leave your viewers in awe. Moreover, the pressure could be more intense when the paparazzi follow your life and digs deep into your personal information.

Many people have been asking about who Biahio Lazaric’s wife is and if she is supportive of his chosen career. Social media users claim that Biagio may not have a partner since he likes to pull pranks and cannot be serious in his life.

Furthermore, the people who judged the content creator early were all proved wrong after announcing that he has a girlfriend. People have claimed that the woman is Biagio Lazaric’s wife already since they were seen as an intimate couple in public places.

However, no reports said that the couple had already exchanged rings and vows. Biagio always wanted to keep a private love life but eventually publicized his partner by making Kyla appear in his YouTube videos.

Many followers of the vlogger wonder how the two met, but Kyla and Biagio did not release any statement regarding their first meeting. They have kept their lips sealed about the details of their romantic relationship.

People respected the pair’s decision and continued to support them by watching their videos on social media platforms. Kyla and Biagio currently show signs of a healthy relationship, even if they pull pranks on each other.

According to sources, they have been dating for many years, and Kyla is yet to decide if she wants to be Biagio Lazaric’s wife in the future. The couple is busy entertaining their fans and ensuring that they produce quality content that will last long.

Our team will find more information regarding the couple’s plans for a wedding. We will update this article once there is available information if Kyla decides to be Biagio Lazaric’s wife.

Kyla Yesenosky’s Biography

Kyla Yesenosky has been in a relationship with Biagio Lazaric, and she has not been dependent on the social media influencer’s career since Kyla has her career.

She is a TikTok influencer and has gathered 27,600 followers, and she continues to post videos containing her dazzling clothing and short dance covers. The TikTok star also ventured into the YouTube world and earned 11,600 followers on her YouTube account.

Kyla was born on October 18 but did not reveal her exact birth year. According to sources, she is around 20 to 21 years old and has successfully delivered entertaining videos to her followers.

Yesenosky is undoubtedly beautiful and sexy, which made clothing brands partner with her. She often posts swimwear and stunning clothes, and she endorses them to the people who like to buy what she is wearing.

Biagio Lazaric’s Kids

With Biagios’s life being available to the public, people speculate that he has children with other women. However, the allegations were not true, and he is a loyal boyfriend to Kyla Yesenosky.

Many fans also doubted the couple’s plans to have children since they thought that Kyla should be Biagio Lazaric’s wife first before having children. Our team will update this article once the couple decides to share details about their family plans.

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