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Is Bert Convy Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Past Relationships.

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Image of Bert Convy

The American citizen Bernard Whalen Convy or better known as Bert Convy, is a famous actor in the United States of America and a lot of countries. He first gained prominence when he appeared in the music film titled “The Billy Barnes Revue” way back in 1956.

Aside from being an actor, he is also a game show broadcaster, panelist, and singer. He is mainly known as one of the hosts of the “Tattletales,” “Win, Lose or Draw,” and “Super Password.”

In addition to that, the famous actor, host, and singer Bert Convy has been married twice in his life. He has three kids named Jennifer Convy, Jonah Convy, and Joshua Convy.

Do you want to know more about the family of Bert Convy? Just keep reading because we have more information for you.

Is Bert Convy married to a new wife?

Image of Bert Convy
Bert Convy was an American actor, singer, and a game show host

According to some reliable sources, Bert Convy’s wife is nonexistent as of the moment.  He did not have a new wife because the famous actor died after tying the knot with Catherine Halls after a few months.

Bert Convy was married to his wife Catherine Hills in 1991

Image of Catherine Hills
Catherine Hills is the former partner of the known TV host, Bert Convy

Unfortunately, this article does not detail how Bert Convy and Catherine Halls met each other or how their love story started. It hasn’t been disclosed to the media yet.

But, as stated by some reports, the two had tied the knot way back in 1991 when the famous actor Bert was diagnosed and still struggling with a brain tumor. He requests his first wife to get a divorce so that they can get married before he passes away.

Catherine Hills’ biography 

Bert Convy’s wife, Catherine Hills, was the second wife of Bert Convy. Sadly, any basic information like her age, birthday, education, career, and early life is not revealed to the public yet.

Bert Convy’s wife seems to like the private life and does not want to deal with the harsh judgment of the public. We respect her privacy but don’t worry, and we will update this article as soon as we get some news about her and what she is doing now.

Bert Convy was married to his wife Anne Anderson from 1959 to 1990

Anne Anderson and Bert Convy both came from the showbiz industry, so that might be how their love story got started. Based on some rumors, the duo dated for a year and then married sometime in 1959.

Just like some other couple, their relationship was happy before it went to a rough part, which led them to break up. Although they are already separated, they still didn’t get a divorce.

The ex-partners only got it when Bert begged for it.

Anne Anderson’s biography

Bert Convy’s wife, Anne Anderson, was the first woman that the actor married. She is a famous actress and writer in the United States of America.

Bert Convy’s wife, Anne, is widely known for her appearance in some movies like “True Colors,” “13 Queens Boulevard,” and “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.” Moreover, she was born on the 15th day of March 1937.

Bert Convy’s Kids

Bert Convy has three children with his first wife. Their names are Jonah Convy, Joshua Convy, and Jennifer Convy.

Sadly, any data about their age, education, and birthday are not disclosed to the public yet.

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