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Benjamin Rich Girlfriend: Alina Adzika and his Ex-Wife

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Benjamin Rich, often known as bald and bankrupt on the internet, is an English YouTuber specializing in traveling to unusual foreign countries or parts.

Although he has made documentaries on other countries such as Burma, Bolivia, Cuba, Ethiopia, India, and Mexico, most of his videos have been shot in post-Soviet countries.

Many of his films about India were made in partnership with his fellow YouTuber friend, Harald Baldr, from Norway; they met in a gym in Ukraine while they were both living there.

He was previously married to a Belarussian woman, whom he divorced. He and his ex-wife have a kid, and he is dating Alina, a Belarusian woman who has starred in some of his videos.

Do you want to know who the popular Youtuber’s ex-wife and girlfriend were? Then continue reading.

Benjamin dating Alina Adzika

Image of Benjamin Rich with his girlfriend, Alina Adzika
Benjamin Rich with his girlfriend, Alina Adzika

Alina Adzika’s unique features, quick wit, and unassuming nature drew the attention of the majority of Ben’s 2.6 million members.

Something about her sense of humor, along with her charming personality, draws everyone’s attention and inspires admiration and respect for her ability to be such a laid-back and down-to-earth person.

She has a presence that makes people like her right away. If she were to launch her own YouTube channel, she would be able to make a lot of money because of her presence.

Alina Adzika Bio

Image of Alina Adzika
Benjamin Rich’s partner

Alina Adzika is a Belarussian woman, born on December 22, 1990, and currently 32 years old. She is a structural engineer with a Masters in Architecture who works for a multinational construction company in Prague.

Alina has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Prague 2010-2014. Master of Architecture taken in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2014-2016. A master was in Civil Engineering from Prague in 2016-2017.

She worked as a part-time event planner/manager for a holiday resort in Mexico in 2015-2016, possibly working holiday employment while studying for her Masters in Architecture.

She currently works in Prague for a vast European building firm. Then she learned Czech and Spanish.

Benjamin Rich’s previous relationship

The famous YouTuber was previously married to a Belarusian woman. The name of her ex-wife was unknown but didn’t worry, and this article will update as soon the news is revealed.

Benjamin Rich Kids

It is confirmed that she has a daughter with his ex-wife. Unfortunately, Benjamin’s daughter’s age, birthday, and name were unknown, but I didn’t worry, and this article will update if we get any information.

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