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Is Ben Lawson Married? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Ben Lawson

Ben Lawson is an Australian actor that has appeared in multiple tv shows and films. His most prominent role was in the Australian soap opera Neighbours

Benjamin Lawson was born on February 6, 1980. He grew up in  BrisbaneQueensland, and went to St. Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace, in high school and finished college in St. Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace.

His debut as a leading character happened in 2006 with the hit Australian tv drama Neighbours. Because of his excellent work in the soap opera, he was nominated for Most Popular New Male Talent in the prestigious Logie Awards. 

After his time there, he appeared in multiple tv shows and movies. He has over 20 casting and three decades of experience in the industry.

Curious about the celebrity’s life? Read this article as we reveal more information about Ben Lawson’s wife and relationship status.

Ben Lawson’s Relationship Status

Image of Ben Lawson

Ben Lawson is an Australian actor. He is known for his work in several American television series.

The handsome actor has captured the heart of his fans and avid supporters of his shows. Ben’s works involve having scenes with women, which made fans wonder what the actor’s relationship status is.

Ben Lawson is currently single. But the actor stated that he is open to a relationship but does not prioritize it due to his busy schedule.

Although he has been in different relationships, Ben Lawson’s wife is not yet found. Lawson wants to focus on his acting career because he has work lined up.

He fears that he will not have enough time for love. The actor worries that his career may hinder his romantic endeavors and is hesitant to date again. 

But the tv star has had experiences with past relationships. Fans are hoping that someday, the tv star can find love again and they can meet Ben Lawson’s wife.

Ben Lawson’s Previous Relationships

The actor has only two recorded previous relationships. Before he became single again, he was in a relationship with Melissa.

Melissa was Ben’s first serious girlfriend. The ex-couple met when the actor was still working in a diner in Brisbane.

It is said that they had fun experiences that the actor cannot forget. But despite this, the two eventually split.

Unfortunately, the reason behind their break up is not disclose, and the woman named Melissa is not known to the public. But after Lawson’s time with Melissa, he could find love again with Maile Mildrexler.

According to sources, the ex-lovebirds met when Ben was in Portland in 2016. This happened during their time in the show Grimm.

Their relationship lasted for three years, and they lived together in Los Angeles, California. Maile and Ben were often seen together around the area.

But they ended their relationship in 2019 due to undisclosed reasons. Sadly, details about Ben Lawson’s wife at that time are not revealed to the public.

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