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Ben Baller is Married to Wife: Nicolette Lacson. Kids.

Image of Ben Baller with his wife, Nicolette Lacson, and their kids

The Korean-American DJ, actor, and considered to be one of the most excellent jewelers in the world, Ben Baller, with 21 platinum albums credited to him comprising works with Jay-Z and Dr. Dre. Ben Baller began designing and creating jewelry in the spring of 2005, and within several years, he set off as one of the country’s most recognized jewelers.

He established Icee Fresh Jewels, creating exquisite and extravagant diamond-encrusted jewelry. His work attracted numerous well-known celebrities, including Kayne West, Drake, Nas, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Snoop Dogg, Black Eyed Peas, Mariah Carey, Joel Madden, and Orlando Brown; Ben Baller is also the one who created Michael Jackson’s diamond-encrusted belt buckle.

Recently, he joined North America’s premiere live stream shopping platform NTWRK in issuing his limited edition chrome gold minifridge emblazoned with his BB logo and the phrase “This is not your Practice Life.” He also teamed up with the iconic brand Remy Martin and NTWRK for an exceptional drawing for a set of iced-out keys to the city of Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Ben Baller is truly the embodiment of success as he confidently ventured and explored the business industry. Through making and customizing appealing pieces of jewelry, he favorably charmed celebrities.

Who is Ben Baller’s Wife? The article below answers the questions about his personal and romantic life.

Ben Baller has been Married to Wife, Nicolette Lacson

Image of Ben Baller with his wife, Nicolette Lacson
Ben Baller with his wife, Nicolette Lacson

Ben Baller’s wife, Nicolette Lacson, has been in his arms since February 2010. His wife also has a reputable image since Nicolette Lacson is involved in a variety-lifestyle career like her husband.

On his Instagram post in 2018, Ben Baller revealed that he first proposed to his partner on February 28, 2010, then later in 2011, the pair tied the knot. He clearly said that he is serious about their marriage and that their exchanging vows is not just “playing games,” this statement touched the people’s hearts; he exhibits the proper foundation of a wedding that you must be committed to your relationship.

Ben Baller’s Previous Relationships

Ben Baller kept his past relationship private as much as possible as he solely focused on his profession and family. He may be had one or two relationships before he met his loving wife, but there is no certainty in that information.

For now, he is a happily married man, and we will update this section once Ben Baller opens up about his dating history.

Nicolette Lacson’s Biography

Let us take a moment to look at Ben Baller’s wife, Nicolette Lacson, a Filipino-American model and actress based in California. She was born in Seattle and started her modeling career at the age of 15, which led her to become a part of Teenage Magazine.

In 2012, Nicolette Lacson also competed in Miss Philippines USA Pageant and won as a second runnerup; she also joined Miss Philippine Tourism and won. Her name even rose to fame after exerting good deeds in the pandemic as she voluntarily participated in the #MillionMaskChallenge donated by people to fight against COVID-19.

Ben Baller’s Kids

Image of Ben Baller with his wife, Nicolette Lacson, and their kids
Ben Baller with his wife, Nicolette Lacson, and their kids

This well-known power couple has blessed with three children; two good-looking sons and an adorable daughter. Their eldest, London, was born in August 2012, Ryder was born in May 2014, and their youngest, Kaia, was born in July 2017.

This beautiful family has a home in California that they call a million-dollar caveman.” Ben Baller and Nicolette Lacson often post their family picture on social media, showing everyone that they have a lovely family.

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