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Bear Rinehart is Married to Wife: Mary Reames. Kids.

Image of Bear Rinehart with his wife, Mary Reames, and their kids

William Stanley Rinehart III, known by his stage name, Bear Rinehart, is an American singer, songwriter, one of the founders, guitarist, and lead singer of the American rock band, Needtobreathe. Because of his talent and soulful voice, he was nominated for Grammy Award in 2015.

Very few people know that Bear Rinehart was a former football player; he was an accomplished college football player at Furman University between 1999 and 2002. In 2019, surprising the fans, he announced having a solo career under Wilder Woods; his debut solo album was released on Atlantic Records in August 2019.

Some of his released songs under Wilder Woods include “Someday Soon” and “Sure Ain’t,” his album placed at No. 20 on Billboard Emerging Artists and No. 2 on Top Heatseekers. Bear Rinehart also has been a featured artist on various songs for acts like American authors and others.

He was now one of the wealthiest rock singers and listed as the most popular Rock Singer. His talent and compassion for his career put him at the top; his singing reached people’s hearts.

Who is Bear Rinehart’s Wife? The following article will provide details about his personal and romantic life.

Bear Rinehart has been Married to his wife, Mary Reames, since 2003

Image of Bear Rinehart's wife, Mary Reames, and their kids
Bear Rinehart’s wife, Mary Reames, and their kids

Let us name who acquired the crown of being Bear Rinehart’s. Her name is Mary Reames; with her caring disposition and elegant looks, we could tell how she caught the heart of Bear Rinehart. There was no exact date when the couple exchanged vows, but they clearly stated they had been married for a long time.

Bear Rinehart and his better half have been together for 19 years now. Their bond and connection, without a doubt, will continue to strengthen over time, and indeed, every challenge that will come their way will allow them to become stronger even more.

Bear Rinehart’s Past Relationships

We could not tell if Bear Rinehart had a dating history before meeting his current partner. Sources indicated that Bear Rinehart and his wife had been together for a long time; however, we are still not sure if he had a previous woman in his life before meeting his muse.

From then on, he only talks in his interviews about his beautiful family; he remains loyal and faithful to Mary Reames and maintains a therapeutic relationship with her. An update will come once Bear Rinehart shares his past relationship.

Mary Reames’ Biography

Let us spend some time getting to know Bear Rinehart’s wife. Mary Reames is a loving and caring wife to his husband; her profession is a nurse practitioner. Having this career ensures that she watches and protects her family very well.

She was known for being the better half of Bearn Rineheart; further details about her are not disclosed. Meanwhile, she openly displays her support for her husband on social media, indicating how she truly loves Bear Rinehart.

Bear Rinehart’s Kids

Image of Bear Rinehart with his wife, Mary Reames, and their kids
Bear Rinehart with his wife, Mary Reames, and their kids

Bear Rinehart and Mary Reames are blessed with three adorable sons: Wilder Rineheart, Woodsy Rinehear, and Waters Rineheart; what a unique name. We can see their sons on the couple’s social media, especially on Mary Reames’ Instagram.

She loves to take pictures of her family and showcase how happy and close they are with each other. Additional details about their children have not been revealed.

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