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Bakari Sellers is Married to Wife: Ellen Rucker Sellers. Kids: Sadie Ellen Seller, Stokely Taggart

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Image of Bakari Sellers and Ellen Rucker Sellers with their kids, Sadie Ellen Seller and Stokely Taggart Seller

An American citizen named Bakari Sellers is a politician and political commentator. Aside from that, he is also one of the highest-paid and greatest attorneys in the United States of America.

He first started his career when he worked under the firm called “Strom Law Firm L.L.C” in Columbia, South Carolina way back in 2007. He rose to popularity when he became one of the board of directors of a management firm called “Level Brand.”

He is also one of the board of managers of the voting rights organization called “Let America Vote.” In addition to that, the lawyer is married to his wife, who is very understanding and supportive to him named Ellen Rucker.

Bakari is also a father of two. His kids’ names are Saddie Ellen Sellers and Stokely Taggart.

Do you want to know more about the wife and kids of the professional attorney? Who is Bakari Sellers’ wife? Just continue reading!

Bakari Sellers has been married to his wife Ellen Rucker since 2015


Sad to say, any basic details about the early stage of Ellen Rucker Sellers’ relationship with Bakari are not provided in this article because it has not been revealed to the public yet. But according to some credible sources, Bakari and Ellen had tied the knot and walked down the aisle sometime in 2015.

Bakari Sellers’ wife is now married to the political commentator for seven years, and their marriage is getting stronger and healthier each day that passes by.

Biography of Ellen Rucker Sellers

Ellen Rucker Sellers has been married once in her life. She was the former wife of a professional basketball player named Vince Carter.

Bakari Sellers’ wife is 44 years old now and turning 45 years old as of 2022. Moreover, she was born sometime in 1977.

Ellen was born and raised in Lancaster, South Carolina, United States of America. For her profession, Ellen is a doctor.

Aside from that, she is also a businesswoman.

Bakari Sellers’ Kids



Just like what this article mentioned above, the professional lawyer Bakari Sellers is a father of two. He has a twin daughter and son named Sadie Ellen Sellers and Stokely Taggart Sellers.

Sadie Ellen was born with a condition called biliary atresia. It is a disorder where the baby’s bile ducts outside and inside the liver are damaged and obstructed.

However, Stokely was born normal. The twins are now three years old.

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