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Art Bell is Married to Wife: Airyn Ruiz Bell

Image of Art Bell with his wife, Airyn Ruiz Bell, and their daughter

People who like to listen to radio might know the American broadcaster and writer Art Bell. The majority distinguishes him as “The King of Late Night Radio.” He is most recognizable in his radio talk show ‘Coast to Coast AM.’ The show was broadcasted in the country of US and Canada. At 13, he had already obtained an amateur radio operator’s license.

Before moving on to host radio shows, Art Bell started his profession as a rock music DJ. In his youth, he used the code name ‘KN3JOX’ and later changed it to ‘W6OB.’ Art Bell was also permitted to join an Amateur Extra Class license. For awareness, the license is issued by the US Federation Communications Commission, and it holds a high-rank license.

He soon became famous for his program show ‘Dreamland,’ which advanced from political issues to more controversial topics such as gunrunning, occult, conspiracy theories, UFOs, pseudoscience, and protoscience. He was one of the most popular radio shows between the 1980s and early 1990s.

His legacy lives on as he was considered one of the great radio anchors in American broadcast. At 70, he started facing health problems and suffered from a pneumonia attack in 2016. On the 13th of April 2018, he accidentally passed away due to overusing drugs at his home in Pahrump, Nevada.

Who is Art Bell’s Wife? We’ll answer the question about his personal and romantic life by reading the article below.

Art Bell has been Married to his Wife, Airyn Ruiz Bell since 2006

Image of Art Bell with his wife, Airyn Ruiz Bell
Art Bell with his wife, Airyn Ruiz Bell

Let us move forward and discuss who Art Bell’s wife is. Not long ago, after the unfortunate events of his third wife, he met Airyn Ruiz Bell, a simple and wonderful Filipina girl.

Art Bell and Airyn Ruiz Bell walked down the aisle on April 11, 2006. They decided to have a small private ceremony attended only by their loved ones and close friends.

Art Bell’s Past Relationships

Art Bell has confirmed that he has married four times, Sachiko Toguchi Bell Pontius, Vickie L. Baker, Ramona Bell, and his late wife, Airyn Ruiz Bell. The one he talked about further to his listeners was his third wife, Ramona Bell, that died in 2006.

Art Bell and Ramona Bell were married for 15 years. Ramona Bell unexpectedly died during their vacation in Laughlin, Nevada, at 47. Reports said that failure in the circulatory that caused an asthma attack took her life.

Airyn Ruiz’s Bell Biography

Here are something we must know about Art Bell’s wife. She was born in the Philippines in 1986 and had a high school diploma; however, details about her academic achievements and school’s name remained secret from the media.

She gained recognition as Art Bell’s wife; she is so occupied with her household duties and family that she hasn’t decided to take on another husband after the tragic loss of Art Bell. She maintains a low profile and appears less in the media’s limelight.

Art Bell’s Kids

Image of Airyn Ruiz Bell with her kids
Airyn Ruiz Bell with her kids

Art Bell has a total of five children. He and Sachiko Toguchi Pontius had two children; inside his marriage with Vickie L. Baker, he also had a son.

Finally, Asia and Alexander were born because of the love of Art Bell and Airyn Ruiz Bell with each other. For now, his children avoid showing up in public.

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