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Anthony Bless is Married to Wife: Dita McCool Bless. Kids.

Image of Anthony Bless with his wife, Dita McCool Bless

Latin actor and recording artist Anthony Bless are famous for his role in Ruthless in 2020, Shooter in 2016, and Magic City in 2012. He is also a songwriter listed as one of the finest actors in Hollywood; not only that, but he was also named the finest singer.

This verified music actor’s career set off in Miami as he joined rap battles, open mic, and live performances. At 19, he had already recorded his 1st album alongside Big Dreamers, Inc., a well-known figure in hip hop music.

In 2021, he released an official music video for his new single, “N.E.G.U.” this acronym stands for, Now Everybody Get Up. Anthony Bless stated that his song has the purpose of healing oneself, uplifting and re-energizes people, as numerous individuals said that he has such vital positive energy.

He uses that energy to motivate people to try to be their best selves. He hoped that if someone heard his music, this would make them feel better and stronger.

His takeaway from his success was that confidence must be your companion to achieve your goal; this was his attitude throughout the years. His dedication and passion for music allowed him to continue his career; he also stated that this was always the result of his hard work.

Who is Anthony Bless’ Wife? Learn more about his personal life by reading the article below.

Anthony Bless is Married to Wife: Dita McCool Bless


Numerous sources have been circulating on the internet that it was confirmed that Anthony Bless’s wife’s name is Dita McCool Bless. Similar to Anthony Bless, Dita McCool Bless is also an actress.

No information is revealed about when the couple tied the knot. Such details about their romantic life have not also been announced.

Anthony Bless’ Past Relationships

Let us assume that he might never have been in previous relationships before meeting his current wife. Given that he is in his 20s exchanging vows with his current partner might not be that long ago.

We will immediately update this article if he reveals something relevant about his personal and romantic life.

Dita McCool Bless’ Biography

Here is what we need to know about Anthony Bless’ wife. Aside from being an actress, Dita McCool Bless is also a director; many people knew her for Server Problems in 2015, I Hate Kids in 2019, and Spaceman in 2016.

At the moment, Anthony Bless and Dita McCool Bless relationship remains strong, and there are no indications of problems or difficulties. This suggests that the two are very affectionate and have a mutual understanding.

Anthony Bless’ Kids

It is still unknown if he and his wife have already had a beloved child or whether they already have planned when they want to have a child. Neither information is known at this point.

This article will update further details once the couple has released a statement regarding this matter.

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